Russian politicians speak about the parliament elections

Vladimir Putin, Gennadiy Zyuganov, Ivan Melnikov, Boris Nemtsov, Anatoly Tchubays, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, Grigoriy Yavlinsky and Dmitriy Rogozin voice their opinions and plans.

Vladimir Putin believes: “It is absolutely clear for me that these results represent the real sympathies of population, reflect what the Russian population thinks, our political life realities”

Meanwhile, Russian communists who lost about a half of votes in four years, called the results a “farce”, and talk about “crisis of democracy” and the coming redistribution of property.

Gennadiy Zyuganov: “You have a union of oligarch thieves, corrupted officials and Zhirinovsky’s band. What you see is not just a crisis of democracy; you all participate in a disgusting theatrical show, called “elections” for some reason. This shameful farce has nothing to do with the country’s interest and with democracy. If you want to have a police democracy, then all its signs are here”

Number two in KPRF, Ivan Melnikov is certain that the government party after receiving control over the parliament would redistribute property of the country: “Voters can be sure that very soon the Duma will push through a bulk of laws on re-considering the privatization results”

Boris Nemtsov, SPS leader thinks that “the new Duma will consist mainly of bureaucrats and national-socialists”, and that is why the guarantee of political stability in the country “will be the president”. According to his words, “government can alter the Constitution, hence the constitutional build of Russia… A wish to change it like Turkmen or Belarusian presidents did will be grow by 2008”.

Nemtsov thinks that logic of political events would push Putin to the Belarusian variant, as “there will remain no forces in Duma to stand for independent press, independent court”, and “cheap populist desire to take and share means capital leakage, constant threat of nationalization, constant lose of potentially important investment projects”

SPS leaders, however, not going to capitulate. Anatoly Tchubays: “No failure can stop us. Even if we imagine an absolutely bad result, it would mean we lost a battle, but not the war. There is enough potential and will to turn this failure into victory”. He also added: “We need to re-consider the entire strategy of democratic forces in Russia”.

One of the crucial mistakes SPS leaders see refusal of “Yabloko” to join SPS. After the elections, “Yabloko” leader Grigoriy Yavlinskiy confirmed once again that such union is impossible: “We are different parties and our electorate is different. That decision was well-thought”.

Tchubays prophesized a split for “Homeland” party: “A great crisis awaits them. We are yet to see who of the two fighters, Glaziev or Rogozin, will take the power”

According to Zyuganov, “Homeland” will split into those who would vote with KPRF on main question and those who would support Kremlin. He noted: “This is no union. Glaziev and Rogozin have always voted differently. It is a big question how they would behave in the new Duma”   
Zjuganov also thinks that Zhirinovsky’s LDPR would vote like Kremlin tells them, and compared their leader with a shell sent into society “to create a police state”.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky himself is satisfied with the results. He counts his fraction will keep good relationships with “United Russia”. He said: “This is the only party with which we’d be able to contact in the future parliament. For 10 years we’ve been fighting against KPRF, “Yabloko” and 4 last years against SPS”. 

“Homeland” leaders Sergey Glaziev and Dmitriy Rogozin also revealed their plans for close future. Rogozin promised to destroy oligarchs first of all: “It doesn’t mean they will physically seize existing, but that we will not have oligarchies – when power belongs to the few”. According to his words, big business “will not buy politicians and places in the party, Russia has to have a normal boring European-style political system with own right and left forces.

He also said: “Tchubays is a done business. We are going to ask for his resignation from the CEO of RAO “UES” and make him leave politics. It was SPS fault to accept him, and I told this to Khakamada and to Nemtsov. Let him stood behind your back as he did, but now bring him forward – so get the results”

Grigoriy Yavlinskiy commented the “Homeland” success saying this party took votes from LDPR and KPRF: “There is a group of voters who is not satisfied with KPRF work, hence they used to vote for LDPR. But now they have had enough of it, and they decided to give votes to “Homeland”.


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Author`s name Pavel Morozov