A Russian idea for school children

Gennady Andreevich Zuganov has recently announced the Russian idea. His exact words were, “Russian idea can only be interpreted by ‘KPRF’”. It will probably be politically incorrect to talk about the Russian idea with such last name of mine as Magidovich. But then again, not every single person in Russia is named Ivanov either. It should also be interesting for foreigners to learn key aspects of the “Russian idea”, in order to know the reason why they are being polished off in dark and filthy lavatories. It is also worth mentioning that one of the political parties attempts to monopolize this idea. The word “party” comes from Latin “pars” (parties), meaning “part”. The Russian idea, however, belongs to the entire nation. Considerable amount of people do not necessarily accept Zuganov’s ideas. Does it therefore follow that in case of complete monopolization of the Russian idea by KPRF, those who oppose Zuganov’s ideology have to remain idealess? 
Here is another interesting fact. Not only does the Russian idea belong to the ethnic Russians but to those living in the country. The idea may even belong to an African American who has mastered Russian language simply because it was Lenin’s mother tongue and now he is afraid to ride a train in fear of skinheads.
Finally, it should be noted that the party forming unified Russia is called “communist.” This however contradicts the main Marxism-Leninism principle which was characterized by the proletarian internationalism. If memory serves me well, and it does, “Pravda”’s logo used to have the following statement written on top: “Proletarians of all countries-unite! Only Berdyaev used to talk about “Russian communism” at the time. He did not remain in the country for long however. Berdyaev was later deported by Lenin.
Having all of this in mind, let’s examine the “Russian idea” as interpreted by Mr. Zuganov. In his interview to the Christian newspaper “Decyatina”, Zuganov proposed his trilogy as “Christianity, Army, KPRF”. He definitely has surpassed the famous Pobedonostsev who interpreted the Russian idea as “Christianity, Autocracy, National Character.” As it can clearly be observed from the above example, both included Christianity as formula’s main component. Instead of “Autocracy”, Zuganov proclaims “Army”. Army is good, what can I say. Ministry of Internal Affairs is also good as well as Federal Security Service. But why do present-day communists prefer only power, Army among the rest of the components of Authority? 
Zuganov values KPRF instead of Pobedonostsev’s National Character. Does it mean that people and the party are actually the same. Well, what about those who do not belong to any political organization? How about them? “The main essence of a national idea is a strong nation, high morale, social justice, and collectivism,” notes Zuganov in his special address to the nation.” The message is good indeed. However, what is so Russian about it? The statement might just as well be characteristic of Japan.
If we are to talk briefly about the national idea, it all comes down to survival, savings, protection of the Russian nation as the nation’s main core,” stated Zuganov. Therefore, the Russian idea that is being so carefully crafted by the KPRF is in fact an exact replica of Trubetskoy’s model. Then why doesn’t some other party come up with a similar statement?
Why do we need all this anyway? What has been accomplished as a result of almost a hundred year old communist era? Not much, let me assure you.
We continue to repeat that Russia’s remedy, a mechanism of realization of the present national idea lies in the following four questions,” remarked Zuganov. “First of all and most importantly, everything that has been given to us by God Almighty has to belong to all the citizens: oil, natural gas, diamonds, economics.” So, there you have it, everything mixed up together. It all seems to be correct, except for economics. In case KPRF accepts the multifaceted economy of the country, it becomes reasonable to talk about national agreement between different socio-economic groups. In case it does not, the Russian idea in communist interpretation does not include about a half of Russians. In short, whether KPRF accepts the Russian idea and renounces those theories of the Proletarian revolution or the party accepts the revolution but denounces any ideas. I am more inclined to believe in the second choice, since such Russians as Potanin, Pugachev, Kasyanov, Putin will never give away such treasures as oil, natural gas and diamonds to the Russian people. They all perceive the Russian idea differently. 
In another statement Zuganov noted, “We are certain of this and therefore plan our election campaign of 2003-2004 in such a way as to make the Russian idea real.” Does it mean that in case the party receives 20% of votes the overall realization of the Russian idea will only be realized to 1/5?
If only Putin, -states Zuganov,- “supported us in the last year referendum. Four main questions were discussed. The first question concerned natural resources, agricultural lands, forests. The second question mainly dealt with natural monopolies. They have to be in the hands of government. Otherwise, the government will find itself unable to place a price tag on a lamp or on electricity. If the government is incapable of regulating, then it is not profitable to produce in the first place. We are killing last production fields that are barely surviving today. The remaining two questions on the list assured a living minimum wage for every Russian citizen, a pension more than a minimum living wage to every person as well as to raise salaries to 8,000-9,000 rubles for teachers, doctors and engineers.” This was the main essence of the Russian idea according to Zuganov. Such phrases as “price tags for a lamp” and “8,000-9,000 for everyone” simply emphasized communist style.
I personally think that this idea has been formulated specifically for a “limited” part of the Russian population, who lack university diploma and who probably failed to graduate from high school either.   

Alexander Magidovich
Source: Pravda.ru

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov