A cross, a gun and a red flag

Popularized Christianity as a form of state's official religion has considerably influenced Russian political parties as well as various public organizations.
Nowadays, politicians tend to use such words as "Christian" and "Patriot" more often. Religion as a form of political PR has become a powerful instrument in the hands of political oligarchs. There are hardly any politicians including President Putin himself who has never touched religious subject. Media attention has already become an integral component of an official's church visit. Their donations and heartbreaking speeches in front of cameras is all just a mere masquerade attempting to prove their devotion to Christianity, to Church. Bible however does not welcome such show off.
At times, situations can be rather comical. Several years ago Omsk Governor began an ambitious campaign to build Christian Cathedral in Omsk. Media had been following governor's every step. In the end, people could not decide whom to thank: governor or God?
Having realized all major advantages of being Christian or being affiliated with Christianity, politicians attempt to use this religious factor to benefit their on-going election campaigns to the State Duma. Communist party "KPRF" however appears to be the only one to hold opposing views. Interestingly, the party leader Gennady Zuganov is Christian himself. Such fact has been held in secrecy or a long time though. Now however time has come for Zuganov to reveal this information. Judging by his absurd remarks from the Bible, however, it is not hard to conclude that the person had never even opened the book or simply examined cliff notes. For instance, Zuganov declared, "God as material substance does not exist for me…". Well this surely does not sound like a revelation, since every believer perceives God as a highest form of nonmaterial existence. Zuganov has united religion and communism in one.
Whereas Zuganov's case makes us smile, political attempts to turn religious teachings into a powerful weapon do surely appear worrisome. One of the parties entitled "Za Rus Syatuu" [For sacred Russia] serves as a fine example. This recently established party appears to be rather strange. Their debates cause nothing else but pure boredom. Such fact is of no importance however. What does appear of major importance is the fact that they discredit the idea of Christianity in its entirety.
So in the end it is obvious that everyone is betting on religious preferences of the electorate. Everyone, in one way or another, exhibits his religious nature.
Russian Orthodox Church does not have any comments yet. Too bad. Many candidates are abusing religion at this point. In times of high crime rates and degradation of personal morals, it is religion that provides the ultimate remedy. Ordinary people however are being skillfully misled by politicians who are using religion to satisfy their personal needs. How long will they be able to conceal their trickery, however? Sometime later, masses will be forced to look for another religion…and government will most likely offer its help. 

Igor Pridorogin
Source: Pravda.Ru