GAZPROM will monitor its pipelines from the Space

GAZPROM starts monitoring security of its pipelines from the outer Space. “Two satellites “Yamal-200” were launched on Monday to monitor ecological safety”, informed a GAZPROM subsidiary “Gazkom”, which owes those satellites.

“Instead of wasting time on gathering information on pipelines of tens thousands kilometers long, we will be receiving all necessary data in real time”, added “Gazkom”. Satellites will also watch over polar extraction plants in Yamal and Nadym-Purtaz, which GAZPROM puts a lot of hope on.

“Yamal-200” is a brand new satellite built on a base of universal space platform”, told the chief engineer of rocket-space corporation “Energy” Yuri Semenov. According to his words, the uniqueness of this platform is in its suitability for creation of variously purposed satellites, depending on the functional aims of its appliances.

“Usage of a universal platform makes satellite production much cheaper, because it allows using differently purposed appliances together”, underlined Semenov. In 2005 GAZPROM plans to launch three more satellites, informs ITAR-TASS.