Revolution in nuclear objects safety technologies

"Severnyi Reid" company from Severodvinsk, Russia  has revolutionized radiating safety of nuclear objects.

A Murmansk company "SevRao" started using so called mobile de-activation sanitarian check-point units, produced by the state-owed "Severnyi Reid" company. Building and maintainance of permanent sanitarian checkpoints at the nuclear wastage storages which would satisfy the norms of radiating safety used to "eat" a significant part of money provided by western countries for "unloading" such storages. Production of the mobile check-points changes this. Now, for the first time in the world, the check-points are made using the sea containers mounted on an automobile chassis, so it can be transported by any truck. This way, costs of organizing special zones for providing radiating security and safety are lowered tens of times. There is no need for building ground objects, maintaining infrastructure, building dosimetric control premises, as all this is included in the mobile unit. It is also a true revolution for radiating security of nuclear-powered ship docks.

The company vice president Vladimir Kalashnikov informed that the mobile sanitarian checkpoint unit is designed for ensuring sanitarian norms when the staff enters and returns from a high danger zone of nuclear wastages.     The checkpoint unit is used for staff redressing, control of skin and clothes radiation levels, sanitarian staff processes, dangerous areas entrance control. Western countries which participate together with Russia in atomic submarines utilization programs already show interest in the unique production of "Severnyi Reid". Russian companies which work on submarines utilization and safe parking do show great interest as well.

Two first mobile checkpoints by "Servernyi  Reid" will be used by "SevRao" on reconstruction an infamous nuclear wastage storage at Andreeva Guba in Kolskyi Peninsula. Heat-transmitting parts of nuclear subs engines have been stored there for thirty years.

The storage reconstruction at Andreeva Guba is being funded by England, which provides support to Russia for utilizing the written-off nuclear submarines. More information on the unique developments of "Severnyi Reid" can be found at the website or by email [email protected]

Author`s name Petr Ernilin