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700 Candidates to the State Duma have tricked the Central Election Committee
Russia's Central Election Committee has come up with a list of 700 candidates to the State Duma who had deliberately misled Russian government about their income. This information has been reported by in its recent report published on Tuesday.

According to the existing law, a candidate cannot be excluded from a race for hiding certain facts regarding their incomes and/or possessions. The Central Election Committee however has a right to inform voting population of those dishonest candidates. Alexander Veshnyakov, head of the Committee, has promised to publicize all hidden facts concerning each candidate on December 7th in every electorate sector. 

Members of the Central Election Committee along with various state services have spent almost a year trying to verify all facts provided by each candidate. As it turned out, most often those candidates were trying to hide information about their cars, flats and shares in not so well-known companies.
Vitalii Uzhilin, a representative of the "Rodina" bloc, has turned out to be a leader in the amount of hidden information.. According to those facts obtained from the Ministry of Income of the Russian Federation, in his income statement for the past year Mr. Uzhilin has indicated a little more than 3 million rubles. As it turns out, he lied about additional 47,5 million which he had acquired from "NIKoil-Savings". 
"I cannot stand liars!"- stated Dmitry Rogozin, chairman of the State Duma Committee in his interview to "We will take all the necessary actions regarding Uzhilin. He will be asked to attend special meeting of the Party and if all of this information proves to be correct, Mr. Uzhilin will most likely be excluded from the race."
Interestingly, Rogozin has appeared on the "black list" himself. He has not mentioned "his involvement with 'SapSibStal'". When interviewed by the press, Dmitry Olegovich Rogozin has exclaimed, "This is some kind of a joke! I have never heard of this 'SapSibNeft'".
Another candidate Vasily Altukhov from the Communist Party KPRF has only mentioned about his "Volga-31029" and a tractor "T-25" in his income statement. Nothing has been said about his 1998 "Mercedes S600L". 
Among those on the "black list", an "Agrarnaya" Party of Mikhail Lapshin appears to be an obvious leader. It comprises 63 liars. Second place is occupied by the Communist Party KPRF. It has 60 candidates who simply "forgot" to indicate all the necessary facts. Finally, LDPR occupies third place with only 43 "forgetful" individuals.

Source: Lenta.Ru


Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov