A Lifelong Presidency of Vladimir Putin

In the year 2008, when Putin's second term will officially be over, he will only be 55

Pavel Borodin, the Russian and Belarus Secretary of State has announced that Vladimir Putin can easily stay at power for many years to come after his reelection campaign.
According to the Financial Times, Mr. Borodin considers a possibility of future addition of other countries to the already existing confederation of Russia and Belarus. "As soon as the second term is over, he will need the first and a rather long one. It will take eight years to restructure the post-Soviet regime. However, it will take an additional eight years to merge with Europe. I think Mr. Putin has agreed on such account."

The Secretary of State emphasized that such an idea has already been discussed with the President. Putin however, has not made any statements regarding his reelections for the second term. The President has also expressed his unwillingness to make any adjustments to the Constitution concerning the extension of the presidency up to eight years.
The President did state however, that a five-year term is something that will better suit Russia nowadays. In the year 2008, when Putin’s second term will officially be over, he will only be 55.  There already arises a concern about his stay though. The Borodin's suggestion does not specifically contradict with those at power. In fact, one of the aspects of the Kremlin’s politics deals primarily with a reconstruction of those destroyed ties between former soviet republics within the Russian Federation as well as with Russian diaspora oversees. As a result, those multiple Moscow’s efforts turned out to be a success. September marked an important document signing declaring the economic union of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

It is specifically with these countries that Russia will need to unite most of all, claims Borodin. Only then will the partnership with the European Union become possible, states Lenta.ru. 

Author`s name Olga Savka