Boris Berezovsky To Return to Russia

The Russian oligarch is determined to run for the Duma

Oligarch in disgrace Boris Berezovsky has recently reminded of his existence again. In a telephone interview to the Echo of Moscow radio station, Berezovsky touched upon three basic issues of the Russian political life: the relations between the power and the business (regarding the oil giant Yukos), the regulation of the Chechen problem, elections to the Duma.

"There are thousands of people and a huge business behind Mikhail Khodorkovsky, but the power is attempting to destroy it," said Berezovsky. The oligarch believes, the Russian power will continue ruining his business irregardless of Yukos CEO's intention to stay in Russia or leave abroad: "President Putin chose the authoritarian method to rule the state, he has no choice now, he must control the large business now," Berezovsky said.

Having criticized the Russian leadership, which pursues “honest businessmen like himself," Boris Berezovsky started talking about Chechnya. The businessman believes, "the Chechen conflict does not have a military solution." "In Russia, they like to refer to Israel's successful experience in the field of the anti-terrorist struggle. I think that Israel has lost the war with the terror," said the oligarch. He is certain, "most powerful Israeli special services and the army cannot guarantee the security of their state, which is a little spot on the map on the world in comparison with Russia." "How can Russia be defended, if thousands of Chechens are ready to sacrifice their lives in the struggle against the federal center? One has to come to agreements with the Chechens. In addition, negotiations are not to be conducted with Kadyrov, but with the people, who stand against Russia's policy," Berezovsky said.

There is not much information about Boris Berezovsky's role in Chechnya in 1996-1999, although it is enough to jail him for some ten years. Nothing like that is going to happen, though: the destabilizing situation in the rebellious republic brings very good profit to a certain group of people. Boris Berezovsky was, and probably still is, one of them. Oil, arms and human trafficking - these are very lucrative businesses.

On the other hand, the situation is changing now: politics is taking the advantage of business. Act of terrorism undermine the Kremlin's authority, which is good for Boris Berezovsky. The oligarch stated, he would most likely participate in the coming elections to the Russian State Duma. He considers an opportunity of his participation in the elections both by party list or by one-mandate district. The oligarch added, he would run on a one-mandate district, if his presence in the Liberal Russia party would be politically detrimental. "If I am elected to the Duma, I will return to Russia," Berezovsky said.

Author`s name Olga Savka