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Majority of Russians Say Privatization Results Must be Revised

Even 72 per cent of businessmen are sure that large private capital in Russia was obtained dishonestly
Russians have an extremely negative opinion of Russia's oligarchs and the history of privatization and insist that results of privatization must be revised. Most agree that it is even necessary to initiate criminal proceedings. These opinion was obtained through an opinion poll conducted by the ROMIR independent research center on the request of the Russian newspaper Vedomosti. The research was held on July 9-14 with participation of 1,500 Russians. Here are just some findings of the poll.    

According to the poll results, 74 per cent of the questioned say the role of oligarchs in the history of Russia was completely or partially negative over the last decade. Among this group, 77 per cent claim the role of oligarchs is negative even now.
The higher people's earnings, education and social status, the greated their sympathy for large-scale businessmen is. Youger people, ages between 18-34, are more tolerant to such businessmen than older people.

77 per cent of the questioned think that results of Russia's privatization must be completely or partially revised, only 18 per cent strongly disagree. Redistribution of assets is supported by the following categories of people: businessmen (77 per cent), top managers (88 per cent) and specialists with higher education (87 per cent). 
88 per cent of those questioned are sure that all big money created in Russia over the past decade was obtained dishonestly; only 6 per cent believe that large capital may have been earned honestly. reports that even 72 per cent of businessmen are sure that large private capital in Russia was obtained dishonestly.