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Vladimir Putin Approves Pacific Ocean Manoeuvres Scheduled for August 18-27

Russia President Vladimir Putin approved the military exercises that are to be held in the Far East in August
Russia's Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin watched manoeuvres on the Baltic Sea held last weekend staying in the conning tower of the Marshall Ustinov missile cruiser. Being still on the cruiser Vladimir Putin approved the plan of large-scale exercises in the Pacific Ocean that are scheduled for August 18-27. 

After listening to a report concerning the exercises delivered by Minister of Defense Sergey Ivanov and Navy Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Kuroyedov, Vladimir Putin approved of the schedule of the exercises and put down his approving signature on the map of the region where the manoeuvres would be held. The minister of defense told that 68 vessels, powerboats of the Pacific Fleet and 42 auxiliary ships would participate in the military exercises. In addition, such civil organizations as the Ministry of Transport and the Meteorology Department will be engaged in the exercises. Observers from the USA, Japan, China, South and North Koreas have been already invited for participation in the military exercises.

The minister reported that the plan of exercises would include 45 episodes of anti-terrorist activity plus protection of the resources with the help of the fleet and frontier forces. The 5th army of the Air Force and the Air Defense will participate in the exercises, even the long distance aviation will be engaged for several episodes. 20,000 servicemen and 10,000 civilians will participate in the manoeuvres, the minister reported.

Russia's Navy Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Kuroyedov explained that the exercises would consist of three stages: headquarter activity; preparation and deployment of the basic forces; practical work in liquidation of threats. He also emphasized that joint actions would be carried out together with the US Navy on the Bering Sea; vessels would perform the guarding functions. The Japanese Navy will participate in the exercises on the Sea of Japan. 

Vessels of the Pacific Fleet – "Marshall Shaposhnikov", "Admiral Panteleyev" and tanker "Vladimir Kolechitsky" got back to Primorye from the Indian Ocean where they participated in the Russian-Indian navy manoeuvres together with sailors of the Black Sea Fleet. The vessels of the Pacific Fleet were a success with missile and artillery firing, with search and liquidation of submarines belonging to an enemy; they practiced air defense missions and relief action to wrecked ships.

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