Russian Police Officers Build Gorgeous Mansions

FSB agents were struck with the luxury of criminals' country houses

Law-enforcement bodies have searched country houses of the police ring of "werewolves." Five country houses have been searched in the Klinsky district of the Moscow region. Police officers of the gang have built five mansions on two hectares of land. Law-enforcement officers were struck with the gorgeous interior of the mansions: there was a tennis court, a football ground covered with tartan, night illumination in the sum of about $1 million. The overall cost of the mansions makes up about $3.5 million, NEWSru.Com reported.

The first information about criminal actions of the ring of "werewolf" policemen from the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department (MUR) was received more than a year ago. "When we had a clear picture of the ring's actions, we started the operation to detain the criminals, and the Office of the Prosecutor General authorized all searches," Konstantin Romodanovsky,  chairman of the Interior Ministry's security department said. However, Romodanovsky added that the criminal group was conducting its activities for years.

Police officers structured their ring on the base of their  ranks in the 5th department of the Criminal Investigation Department. The detained police officers blackmailed businessmen, making them face the choice: either they share profit with them, or they would be jailed on a fake criminal case. "Their victims were deprived of everything, if they agreed to share their profits with them," Romodanovsky said.

High-ranking police officers planted drugs and guns on people to blackmail them, they arranged searches, instituted criminal proceedings and closed criminal files for bribes. Having saved a large sum of money, the extortioners bought expensive apartments, cars and built gorgeous country houses. One of the criminals had a golden lavatory pan in his house. Moscow law-enforcement bodies withdrawn about $3 million from one of the Moscow banks, two kilos of jewelry and antique items.

Two leaders of the gang have not been detained yet: deputy chairman of the department for struggle against illegal arms trafficking Vladimir Lysakov and senior police officer of that department, Valery Dyomin.

Author`s name Olga Savka