Sweden to Restore Church in St. Petersburg as 300th Anniversary Gift to City

Sweden's main gift to St. Petersburg on the city's 300th anniversary will be the restoration of St. Catherine's Church on Malaya Konyushennaya Street. This was announced yesterday by Swedish Consul General May Andersson at a press conference in the International Press Centre. She said that 'restoration work on the church will start soon, but it is too early to talk about a completion date.'

According to Andersson, the Swedish State Department for Protecting Monuments plans to start reconstruction work on the Swedish church and other buildings belonging to the church later this year. When work is completed, the church will contain a room for the congregation and a Swedish cultural and information centre. 'This is a small parish, but services are already taking place. The congregation is made up of Russians and Swedes, and their number is going to grow,' said Andersson.

The church is currently used by students of a sports school. St. Petersburg's State Inspectorate for the Protection of Monuments will have to find the school new premises.