Die Welt: Khodorkovsky vs. Putin

The oil oligarch openly ignored the summit talks in St.Petersburg
The chairman of Russia's largest oil concern Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the richest Russian whose fortune is estimated at eight billion dollars, for the first time openly spoke against Russia President Vladimir Putin.

He said that for material reasons it is not advantageous for Russia to stake on the UN as an intermediate in Iraq and to dishonor Washington. In the political rating compiled by the oil oligarch, the UNO is rated only third after G8 and the European Union. Even if the EU still remains a number one commercial partner, Washington, unlike Brussels, is not seeking a particular political image for itself, that is why it is potentially more advantageous for Russia to cooperate with it.

To demonstrate his protest against the Kremlin policy, Mikhail Khodorkovsky refused to participate in the summit talks held by the presidents of Russia, France and Germany in Russia’s St.Petersburg. Instead, he made an extremist speech at a G8 seminar.


Author`s name Michael Simpson