Russian Prime Minister to Focus on Russia-EU Cooperation During His Visit to Italy

During his visit to Italy Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov will lay a particular emphasis on the enhancement of Russia-EU co-operation.

Discussions on Russia-EU co-operation will focus on Italy's forthcoming EU presidency in the latter half of the year, official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko said ahead of the forthcoming visit. The two sides will discuss prospects of creating a single European economic, energy, legal, humanitarian, social and cultural space. According to Yakovenko, the talks will also address the vital issues of the Kaliningrad Region, Russia's western enclave in the Baltics separated from the rest of the country by Lithuania and Poland.

Discussion of the key issues of European and international security, including Russia's relations with the EU and NATO, are also expected to be on the agenda, the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Besides, special emphasis will be laid on enhancing bilateral and multilateral co-operation aimed at settling the Iraqi conflict as soon as possible. Russia's position on peaceful settlement in Iraq within the UN framework remains unchanged, Yakovenko reminded.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin