Russia: Migration Problem Solved

New migration law comes into effect in Russia

There is an anecdote about congressmen who came to an old Indian tribe leader to ask advice. They asked: "Great Leader, say what we should do next and to what issues we should pay special attention." The Indian leader puffed at his pipe, thought for a while and answered: "Pay attention to the illegal migration problem. We were mistaken when we ignored the problem some time ago."

Mankind says goodbye to the past smilingly, and foreigners receive their future weeping. The first part of the phrase was said by the founder of scientific communism Karl Marx, and the end of the phrase was suggested by the real life. A new migration law has come into effect in Russia today. As is supposed, the new law will considerably reduce the number of illegal migrants in the country.  

At present, entry to Russia is free upon presentation of over dozen of documents, including driver's license. The boundaries of the country are open. The USSR sank into oblivion long ago, but we still keep on living as if the fifteen Soviet republics still exist. As Russia President Vladimir Putin said at the end of the previous year, everybody who wanted to enter the country were already here.

The new law toughens the procedure of getting visas for entering Russia. As provided by the law, getting a visa will be a problem for foreigners who evaded payment of taxes and penalties or were called to administrative account more than twice. What is more, everybody arriving in Russia from abroad must fill in a migrant's form and explain the purpose of the visit.

As for regulations concerning border crossing upon leaving Russia, parliamentarians say they have met wishes of the Russian population. The number of bureaucratic procedures people have to undergo to get exit visas has considerably reduced.

Russia's de-population becomes threatening, the number of people living on vast territories is scanty. Expansion of the neighbors constrained with their territorial borders (China for example) poses a real threat to the country. Russia's territorial integrity is the cost of the problem. The problem certainly requires introduction of a special law; but as it often happens, strong laws are depreciated by poor observance of the law. The migration problem is under the jurisdiction of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it is a nice opportunity for police and workers of the ministry to accept bribes. This is sad reality of this country. 

With respect to citizens of Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan special procedures are said to be introduced. These procedures are focused on organization of regional integration. In March, presidents of the four countries including the Russian president gave a go ahead to economic integration. Main idea of the measure is to organize supranational management of key spheres, especially the common customs area, guarantee of free movement of goods, services, capital and manpower within the limits of the joint economic area.

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Author`s name Michael Simpson