Gorny Chemical Weapons Destruction Plant Is Not Causing Environmental Damage

According to the latest statistics, the chemical weapons destruction plant in the Gorny settlement (Saratov Region) has destroyed 356.2 tonnes of mustard gas and has received 754.9 tonnes of reactive material. All of the regulations are being observed in the destruction process.

According to Alexander Malikov, head of the regional department for natural resources and environment protection, the permissible level of radioactive material has not been exceeded. However, on five occasions, excessive levels of nitrogen have been detected. This pollution is a result of industrial activity and is common across Russia, according to Mr Malikov. None the less, measures have been taken to prevent this happening in future.

Mr Malikov added that environmental research had been carried out in the area for several years before the plant was opened in order to assess the effect of the Gorny plant on the air, earth, water and wildlife of the area. However, test results show that the situation has not changed since the plant was put into operation.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin