Putin Congratulates Crew of ISS on Cosmonautics Day

During the communications contact Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the crew of the International space station, consisting of Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Budarin and American astronauts Kennet Bauersocks and Donald Pettite on the Cosmonautics day celebrated today.

"The work in orbit will never become a routine and not only real professionals but also very courageous people you will be able to perform it," the Russian leader said.

In addition, Vladimir Putin congratulated Nikolai Budarin on the recent birth of his granddaughter.

The President also wished Budarin and Pettite "to celebrate their birthdays in orbit well." The crew thanked the President for his greetings.

Nikolai Budarin demonstrated the fag of St. Petersburg kept on board the ISS, which he intended to return to the earth. Astronaut Bauersocks stated that partnership of Russia and USA is necessary.

The communications contact with the station was organised in the Zhukovsaky Military and Space Academy. The Russian President was able not only to listen but also to watch the crew and the cosmonauts were able only to listen to the head of the state.

Such communications contacts with ISS crews on the Cosmonautics Day are becoming a tradition. Last year Vladimir Putin talked to members of the ISS crew but at that time the communications contact was organised from the Kremlin.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin