Chirac: No International Order Can Be Based on Logic of Force

No long-term international order can be based on the logic of force, French President Jacques Chirac believes. Speaking at a St Petersburg conference called "Peace, Security and International Law: Insight into the Future" he stressed that "the international politics based on democratic values must rely on indisputable collective standards." The French leader also spoke in favor of establishing "a system of international justice called upon to enforce the legal standards." Jacques Chirac believes that while "combating new threats, such as terrorism or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, it is important to comply with the principles we promote." "Democratic countries are truly strong in their respect for law," the French President said.

At the same time, "there is also room for military force in diplomacy, otherwise no one will take it with due respect," he admitted. According to him, sometimes the use of force is the price we have to pay for peace. However, the French president is sure that "it is a last resort, when nothing else remains." According to Jacques Chirac, despite the return to war as a means of settling conflicts in the 21st century, the "triumph of our common values gives us hope to establish an order where nations will bring law to prevail over force based on the principles of collective responsibility and solidarity." The French president expressed confidence that the international community would reunite following the Iraqi crisis.

As to Iraq itself, according to Jacques Chirac, today's priority is to tackle the emergency situation the country is facing and "address the essential needs of the Iraqi population" as soon as possible.

The United Nations must play "a central role in returning sovereignty to Iraq," the French President stressed. According to him, the UN is the best guarantor that the Iraqis "will become masters of their own destiny."

Author`s name Petr Ernilin