Putin: Development of European Civilization Depends on Level of Understanding Between Russia and Ger

Speaking in his opening address before participants at the Russian-German forum Petersburg Dialogue, President Vladimir Putin said the April meeting of this activity has become a good and kind tradition. According to Rosbalt, Putin said that the Petersburg Dialogue was a clear indicator of the rapprochement between the two governments. He said that the relations between Russia and Germany are actively developing on the level of contact between citizens and people. 'I am convinced that the development of European civilization depends on the level of understanding between Russia and Germany,' he added.

Putin said that forum participants can feel the high planking of the strategic partnership between Russia and Germany. He also said the relations between these two countries are determined by the closeness of interests but also knowledge about each other, mutual respect, equality and trust. Putin also said that for the successful development of bi-lateral relations, the two countries had to have three supports - political, trade and economic cooperation and connections in the humanitarian sphere. He also said that these three components are developing harmoniously.

Author`s name Petr Ernilin