International Conference on Children to Be Held in St. Petersburg in April

The 10th international 'Children in the Modern World' conference will take place in St. Petersburg on April 16-18. According to the PR department of Herzen State Pedagogical University, the main theme of the conference will be 'Culture and Childhood.' Other themes will include 'The philosophy of childhood and problems of modern culture,' 'Cultural traditions and modernity through the eyes of a child,' 'The culture of St. Petersburg and bringing up its citizens.'

According to preliminary figures, over 350 people will be giving papers or otherwise taking part in the conference. The event traditionally attracts scientists, teaching experts, medical experts, and public and political figures from Russia and abroad, including the US, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland and other countries.

The conference organisers include representatives of UNESCO, the Russian Education Ministry, and the Russian Academy of Education. Traditionally, the most active participants in the conference are academics - professors and other experts from Herzen State University.