Moscow Stresses It Sticks to Regime of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and Missile Technologies

Russia strictly adheres to the regime of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and missile technologies when it exports armaments to third countries, a diplomatic source in Moscow told RIA Novosti.

He was commenting on a US CIA report on purchases by other countries of technologies relating to weapons of mass destruction and also upgraded conventional ammunition.

The report, drawn up for the US Congress, contains claims that Russian organisations last year continued to supply various goods and technologies connected with ballistic missiles to such countries as Iran, India and China. The document also makes a supposition that Russian organisations most likely back Iranian efforts to develop a new missile and strengthen Tehran's own missile manufacturing potential. In the view of the report's authors, Russia has been in recent years the main source of upgraded conventional weapons for Iran, Libya, Sudan, China and India.

As the Russian diplomat stressed, these claims by American secret services are "unfounded, and not backed by any facts or proofs".

The Russian side has not been provided with concrete evidence that it supplied missile technologies and nuclear weapons abroad, the source emphasised.

At the same time he recalled that "there are no decisions of an international character banning or restricting arms supplies to Libya or Sudan".

"Russia's military technical cooperation with these countries is absolutely legitimate, and, moreover, is very limited in scope," the source stressed.