Russia is Surprised with US-Georgian Agreement on Military Cooperation

Moscow is surprised with the US-Georgian agreement on defence co-operation ratified by the Georgian parliament.

"The decision on military co-operation between Georgia and the USA should have been taken with Russia's participation," the Russian Foreign Ministry's information and press department told RIA Novosti, when giving comments on the agreement.

"What are the reasons for such sudden and extraordinary military activity in Russia's Caucasus, sensitive in terms of security? If it is fighting against terrorism, it would have been logical to advise Russia of the issue. When such decisions are taken in circumvention of Moscow, quite understandable questions and concern arise," the Russian Foreign Ministry stated.

The US-Georgian agreement envisages US military men's non-visa entry to Georgia, bringing US military equipment to the territory of Georgia and its free movement. In Georgia, US military men are granted exclusive rights and authorities and enjoy privileges and immunity as administrative and technical employees of the US Embassy in Georgia.