Author`s name Petr Ernilin

Russia to Make Its Own List of States Not Counteracting Money Laundering - 28 March, 2003

The Russian Financial Monitoring Committee will prepare a list of states that do not participate in international co-operation on the laundering of illegal incomes and financing of terrorism.

The government adopted the decree "On the procedure of defining and publishing a list of states /territories/ that do not take part in international co-operation on laundering illegal incomes and financing terrorism", the government information department reported.

The Committee will make a list of these states in co-ordination with the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service and the Foreign Intelligence Service, based on the lists of the Financial Action Task Force, FATF, and other organisations countering financial provision of terrorism and money laundering.

When preparing the list, the departments should "proceed from the Russian Federation's interests of national security and current international commitments".

The Committee is also charged wissth publishing the list and amendments to it.

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