Author`s name Petr Ernilin

President Putin: United Russia Party May Become Core of National Political Life - 26 March, 2003

The United Russia Party "could make a significant contribution to the development of the foundation of Russia's future political system and economy," believes Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When opening a meeting with the party leaders in the Kremlin on Wednesday, the President pointed out that he was referring to "the high organisational potential" and "the unique composition" of the United Russia.

Putin hopes that the United Russia will be able to establish "a regular, systematic working schedule" and become "the core of the political life both in the capital and in the regions," he said. "Everything that has been done to modernise the political structure was aimed at creating large federal political parties that could rely on the support from the regions and the municipalities," the Russian leader pointed out.

Consequently, a political vertical should be established, he believes. This will allow people in the regions to better comprehend common national interests, while the federal centre will be sensitive to the needs of common citizens and be in the aware of the country's development, the President hopes.

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