World Oil Exchanges Burning Up

It seems that the image of this country as the most respectable and stable Arab country was shaken a lot yesterday.

As it became known, a conspiracy by Islamic radical terrorists was unveiled in Saudi Arabia yesterday. Oil prices went up  right after that piece of news. American special services became really concerned about it.

RusEnergy news agency informed that the tender on world commodity exchanges ended up on Thursday with an increase in oil prices. One barrel of oil gained eight cents on the International Oil Exchange in London. Now, a barrel costs $27.97. A barrel of oil in New York went up to $29.62, having increased by 15 cents.

Pursuant to the information from the Saudi capital Er Riyad, the unmasked Islamic terrorists  were going to blow up one of the largest petroleum refineries of the Saudi Kingdom. The foreign mass media believe that this might have been the refinery Ras Tanura. This complex also includes oil terminals for tankers. Ras Tanura reportedly ships about five million barrels of oil to the USA daily.

The Saudi authorities said that there have been 20 people arrested in connection with the conspiracy. However, it is not clear yet if  they have anything to do with al-Qaida or any other terrorist organization.

World exchanges learned about the information, which had leaked from analytical services of the US State Department. American specialists believe that some Islamic terrorist groups  have already finished their reorganization after the partial devastation of al-Qaida structures in Afghanistan. Now they are reportedly using new tactics, the goal of which  is to cause the maximum  economic damage to the USA and its allies.

It is obvious that the world has not evaluated the new factor yet: the so-called “Islamic Renaissance.” One could realize after Shah Reza Pahlavi was overthrown in  Iran that the permanent Islamic revolution would play a key role in the world. Muslims  have already come to power  in Egypt, in Algeria, and even in NATO member Turkey, as a result of democratic elections. This recently happened in Pakistan as well. Only the army and the cancellation of constitutional liberties caused situation to stabilize.

One can now understand the USA’s wish to destroy Hussein’s regime in Iraq and to gain unrestricted access to Iraqi oil. The growth of Islamic terrorism  makes the rest of the Arab world more unpredictable and hostile.

Dmitry Slobodanuk

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Olga Savka