Russia's Western partners understand only language of force

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond stated that London was considering an opportunity to deploy US cruise missiles on the territory of the United Kingdom as Russia's actions could not be left unanswered. 

As for "Russia's actions", Hammond was talking about Moscow's decision to deploy Iskander-M tactical complexes in the Kaliningrad region of Russia in 2018. 

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According to Hammond, one should send a clear signal to Russia that it "can not cross red lines."  

Pravda.Ru asked member of the State Duma Committee on Defense, Vyacheslav Tetekin, to express his point of view on the matter. 

"Our own sworn friends have been moving their red lines closer and closer to Moscow. They may eventually say that Russia can not have its troops stationed somewhere near Moscow, as it would threaten Europe's security. 

In a nutsell, they have been progressively moving towards Russia's borders. At first, they made Eastern European countries NATO members. Afterwards, they moved into the territory of the former Soviet Union and approached key industrial and military centers. They are unacceptably close - I am talking about the Baltic region. Today, they say that any response from the Russian side would be considered as Russia's aggression against the West," said Vyacheslav Tetekin.

The expert noted that the United States and Europe have been consistently surrounding Russia with a chain of military bases. The struggle over Ukraine is another attempt to encircle Russia.

"The remarks from the British official do not surprise me, because they come as a part of media and propaganda war against Russia. Leaving to carry the can is what our Western partners like to do most." 

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We asked the expert how Russia should respond to such statements. 

"First and foremost, Russia must strengthen national armed forces, which also requires the strengthening of the Russian economy. Our Western partners understand only the language of force. Without this, all diplomatic relations have absolutely no value. Therefore, a key way to strengthen our position is to strengthen the performance of the Russian society. This is a long-term program. Our Western partners run such blatant policies just because Russia's industrial potential and armed forces had weakened. When we recover from this, the talking will be different," concluded Vyacheslav Tetekin.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov