Edward Snowden can be kidnapped from Russia?

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower of NSA's total control systems can be kidnapped from Russia. This is a priority for the British MI-6 and the British Embassy, former NSA agent Wayne Madsen said, referring to his colleagues.

Of course, nothing is known whether the CIA received the task, and whether the U.S. Embassy is going to be involved in the activities to try to kidnap Snowden. However, the British Embassy has already tracked calls and letters of Snowden's "inner circle" and begun to "dig up" their contacts in Moscow.

According to The Guardian, Snowden has the information, the disclosure of which could become a nightmare for the U.S., even though the fugitive NSA specialist decided not to disclose some of his data. In addition, The Guardian admitted that the media have so far published "only 1%" of available information about NSA's total control over billions of people in different countries.

Nevertheless, even this one percent has already made the UK authorities introduce outright censorship against those who reveal secrets of "global surveillance."

In particular, Wayne Madsen said that his girlfriend, who previously worked for the National Security Agency as an expert on the Russian language, tried to contact Snowden's acquaintances. Afterwards, she was invited to come to the British Embassy and undergo special training. She was also asked to report of FSB's interest in her persons and communications. 

The press quoted a former NSA expert, who said that the job to find Snowden was of the highest priority for the embassy. Moreover, it was said that the future operation to kidnap him involved number one MI-6 officer at the embassy, ​​who worked under diplomatic cover as the director for regional security.

The Center for the Study of Globalization has previously reported that should the operation be successful, Snowden would be delivered to the UK or the U.S. For the time being, the flywheel of total wiretapping that Snowden launched was working against him to the utmost. "MI-6 intelligence agencies have begun to analyze the information they were able to obtain through intelligence," the statement from the center said.

A senior officer of Russian counter-intelligence, whom Politonline.ru confidentially managed to talk to, said: "Although the Federal Security Bureau does not do anything about human rights activist Snowden, the service has been active in counterintelligence. I am pretty sure that kidnaping the former NSA employee will be dramatically challenging." He also thanked "former NSA employees and journalists for publishing such information, but added that  operational, technical and other measures to counter intelligence and other illegal activities of foreign secret services on the territory of Russia were  constantly maintained.

It only remains to add that the CIA has recently created a special section in Russian on its official website, in which the department offered Russian citizens (!) to join American intelligence. To choose from, for example, the CIA offers engineering and technical directions, a linguistic job, a secret agent with the knowledge of Russian language and experts in business and analysts. The CIA reportedly hopes to obtain classified information from newcomers in the above areas to establish a new database of agents.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov