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Russia will host the world championship in tank biathlon

A new year of training has begun in the Russian armed forces. According to the plans of the defense ministry, over 3.5 thousand military exercises of various levels, including 29 international ones, will be conducted. The largest of these will be "East 2014." 

Officials with the ministry noted that an important role would be paid to interaction of the Army, Air Force and Navy on the battlefield. 

To reduce costs and time of training specialists in the armed forces, new forms of education, with the use of computer technology will be introduced, as well as training complexes of new generation.

According to officials, current approaches to the organization of combat training stipulate not only the introduction of new training exercises and the mastering of most advanced teaching methods, but also a fivefold increase in the use of ammunition. 

In this regard, the troops already begin to use advanced training equipment with radio-controlled targets. Such innovations will automate the process to organize and conduct trainings.

Furthermore, the military will develop training methods using laser weapons simulators and electronic record keeping.

In 2014, Russia will host the world championship in tank biathlon, as well as a number of all-army and international competitions to determine the best crew of pontoon crossing equipment.

Will the defense department be able to maintain the pace of preparation of the armed forces, including the financial side of the issue? Editor of National Defense Magazine Igor Korotchenko shared his thoughts on that with Pravda.Ru.

In his opinion, one should not forget about the complex international political situation. "The military force factor now begins to prevail in international relations. It is increasingly being used to solve political and economic problems," the expert said. 

Igor Korotchenko believes that for Russia it is crucial to keep the volume and level of military spending at the level of the numbers that had been announced before (the rearmament program before 2020 stipulates the spending of 20 trillion rubles - ed.). 

"At any rate, no cuts are in sight on the level of the state defense order. This was  confirmed at meetings on the military-industrial complex, which President Putin conducted last week. We expect that combat training activities will be funded appropriately," said the expert.

"In any case, it is extremely important for Russia the troops should be prepared - this is the best signal that it is no use to solve problems with Russia by military pressure," said Igor Korotchenko.

Will the Russian army maintain the pace of preparation of 2013?

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