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Putin to surprise many with his work stamina

On Monday, December 3rd, Vladimir Putin will make his first official business trip in nearly two months - to Turkey. During the meeting with the Turkish Prime Minister, Putin plans to discuss a number of critical issues. The same day, the Russian leader will return to his homeland, but, as sources say, not to Moscow. On Wednesday, Putin will travel abroad again for one day. Afterwards, Putin will reportedly travel to Sochi - the city that will host the 2014 Winter Olympics. In addition, Putin will deliver his Address to the Federal Assembly, hold an extended press conference and pay a visit to Brussels. All of this is planned to take place before 2013.

During his one-day visit to Turkey, Putin will take part in the third meeting of the Russian-Turkish Council for Cooperation. He will also hold a meeting with Prime Minister Recep Erdogan and have a phone conversation with President Abdullah Gul. The agenda is quite extensive: the leaders will discuss the entire range of bilateral relations, the situation in North Africa, in the Middle East, including the recent events in Gaza and the situation in Syria, Interfax quoted presidential aide Yury Ushakov.

"Our goal, as always, is to prove that our stance (on Syria) in this situation is the most promising one," said Ushakov. Putin will reportedly discuss Turkey's plans to deploy NATO Patriot complexes on the border with Syria.

Analysts say that differences on a number of foreign policy issues do not pose a threat to economic relations between the two countries. According to established practice, Russia and Turkey work separately on politics and economy. Neither Russia nor Turkey will agree to deliberately complicate their relations because of politics, experts believe.

Particularly, Russia and Turkey are opposed to each other against the background of the situation with Samsun-Ceyhan oil pipeline. The agreement on the construction of the pipeline was signed in 2009. The pipeline is to be built from the Turkish city of Samsun on the Black Sea coast to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan. The pipeline is said to transport 60-70 million tons of oil a year to bypass the busy Bosporus and the Dardanelles.

"I do not really understand why the oil pipeline project is now stalled. It is beneficial for both Russia and Turkey. Russia's position is stronger: if the Turks do not agree to our conditions, we will not lose anything," Dmitry Alexandrov, an investment analyst said.

South Stream is a necessary project, but everything seems to be well at this point. The ceremony to celebrate the welding of the first joint of the pipeline will take place on December 7 near the city of Anapa. Turkey's ministers for environment and energy are invited for the ceremony.

From Turkey, Putin will return to Russia, but not to Moscow, Kremlin officials told RBC Daily. On Wednesday, December 3rd, the president of Russia is going to be in Ashkhabad - again for one day. In Turkmenistan, Putin will take part in the the previously delayed meeting of the Council of CIS Leaders. After the summit, Putin will return to Russia's Sochi. Reportedly, in his Sochi residence Bocharov Ruchei Putin will have a meeting with Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao.

Putin intends to continue to surprise many with his work stamina. He will deliver the Annual Address to the Federal Assembly on December 12, when Russia celebrates the Constitution Day, officials said.

The press conference of the Russian president, which this year will replace the traditional televised communication with Russian citizens, may take place on the eve of the "end of the world" - on December 20th. On December 21st, Putin intends to hold the Russia-EU summit in Brussels. 

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