Russia To Strengthen Black Sea Fleet with 15 New Combat Ships and Subs

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will have 15 new surface ships (Project 22350 frigates) and diesel submarines (Project 677 Lada), RIA Novosti reports with reference to Commander of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky. In addition, two vessels of the Baltic Fleet will be redeployed to the Black Sea to struggle against piracy.

“In total, we plan to build 15 frigates and non-nuclear submarines for the Black Sea Fleet before 2020,” the official said. The construction of one frigate and one non-nuclear submarine will begin already this year.

"The Black Sea Fleet will be rearmed with new vessels, it will not be a matter of relocating vessels from other fleets,” Vysotsky said.

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It was previously reported that the Russian Black Sea Fleet consisted of 50 vessels, including the Moskva, a missile cruiser, two inoperable submarines, two large anti-submarine vessels, three corvettes, small missile, commando, reconnaissance and rescue boats. The agreement between Russia and Ukraine allows the presence of up to 388 vessels in the Ukrainian waters, including 14 diesel submarines.

Diesel and electric powered nuclear submarines of Project 677 Lada are 67 meters long and 7.1 meters wide. Their tonnage is 1765 tons. The maximum depth of submergence – 300 meters. The maximum speed of surface and underwater navigation makes up 21 and 10 knots respectively.

The lead submarine of Project Saint Petersburg is currently going through stage of state tests. Russia is currently building Project 677 vessels – Kronstadt and Sevastopol.

A Project 22350 frigate has the tonnage of 4,500 tons. Its length reaches 130 meters, the cruising endurance exceeds 4,000 miles. The vessel comes complete with eight anti-ship cruise missiles 3M55 Onyx, A-192 state-of-the-art 130-millimeter artillery system, Medvedka-2 anti-ship missile complex, and Uragan anti-aircraft midrange. The ship will also carry Ka-32 helicopter.

Frigate Admiral Gorshkov is the lead ship of Project 22350 – a series of Russian multi-purpose combat ships of offshore marine zone. This ship is a part of Russia’s program to rearm the national navy. The construction of the ship began on February 1, 2006 in St. Petersburg. The ship is said to be launched in 2011.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov