Russia must offer the world a different ideology

All great nations, in order to win their civilization battles for survival, must offer the world an ideological ideal of one sort or another. This has always been true and has raised many civilizations to immortal glory or infamy, depending on the success or failure of that ideology. Simply to "be", to survive in this world, to hang on, will hamper any nation, as other more robust civilizations with a clear message pull away the youth and talent, cause havoc and unrest and eventually either absorb, decimate or force the emulation of the foreign creed.

This was always understood in Russia , from the ancient Muscovy state, through the Soviet Union , but this idea has been lost in modern Russia . It is understandable that those throwing off the yoke of the Soviet state wished to rid themselves of all things Soviet. However, national ideology was not a Soviet invention and dropping it has been very detrimental to Russian society and Russian interests abroad. For the majority of the past 17 years, Russian youth has Westernized, rejecting their own language, heritage and culture. Foreign and alien faiths, that have never been in Russia , have sprouted up like weeds. Russia 's citizens have fled the country, lacking anything to believe in and society as a whole has suffered. Abroad, former allies have lost hope and lost the guiding light, flocking to what appears the stronger message, the stronger civilization: Anglo-Marxism. Only recently have things started to inch back.

It is time to say "ENOUGH", it is time for Russia to reach into its soul, to reach into its past, to find an adequate ideology to rally around. Simply to say, "we are not like them" or "We believe in international law" is not good enough, for a world power like Russia .

Even as we speak, the Western world, is collapsing under the weight of its own corruption, greed and evil. It is taking along with it, it's bastard children: atheism, nihilism, and post modernism. These death throws give Russia an opportunity, to either stand upon its own ideological legs, to fall along into the vortex of destruction that the Anglo-Marxists have created for themselves and those around them.

As I will remind you, dear reader, the first of the modern "ism" revolutions started with the Jacobites of the French Revolution and than sputtered on along to the Anglo-Marxist financed Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. The financiers of that revolution, Wall Street, was already infected by Marxism and those not infected by Marx were infected by Mammon. This of course split into the bureaucratic Stalinist Communism and the Corporate-State Trotskyte Fascism. Militant Fascism died on the battle fields of 1945 Europe, but a mutant version of it, a neo-Trotskyte Fascism survived and infected what is now the Anglo-Marxist sphere and to a lesser degree the rest of Europe. With it's hand maidens of Liberal Democracy and Globalization, code words for Fascist Marxism, economic slavery and exploitation, it was kept somewhat in check by the Cold War and its parent's old family rival, Stalinist Communism.

With the fall of Stalinist Communism in 1991, there was no longer any need for the Anglo-Marxists to act or pretend to control themselves. In their "End of History", they charged forth to infect and exploit the rest of the world. Alas for them and those carried off by their swan song, Anglo-Marxism is Marxism and thus carries the tumor of its own destruction in its breast. The faster Globalization grew, the quicker the tumor spread and went critical.

Russia must resist this vortex of death and destruction and must offer it's historic allies an alternative to the mass suicide that is happening even as you read this, a slow mass cultural and societal suicide, sped up by the Bank Panic of 2008 and the Economic Collapse of 2009. She can only do this by building a new ideology rooted in the old defense of the old, traditional Orthodox Christian beliefs and world view. Russia must step forward again as the Defender of the Orthodox Christian faith and as the champion of all Christianity under the yoke of Islam.

Russia must show herself as the bedrock of stability, upon which the restless, Western world will crash and break. She must be the guide to the rest of the Orthodox Christian world and to others willing to join her.

To do otherwise is to commit suicide.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav mishin and originally appears on his blog Mat Rodina

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov