Georgia Energy Conference: Now we see who Russia’s enemies are

GIOGIE, the 8th Georgian International Oil, Gas, Energy and Infrastructure Conference and Showcase, 2nd to 3rd April, 2009 at the Sheraton Metechi Palace Hotel, Tblisi Georgia. A sinister collection of anti-Russian entities whose sole agenda is to destroy Russia’s fuel network, as we will expose hereunder.

It had to be in Georgia, the country which savagely attacked South Ossetia in August 2008, slaughtering around 2.000 ethnic Russians and launching missiles at civilian structures, the country described by the World Bank’s Top Reformer in Doing Business Report in 2008 as follows: “… Georgia has been among the top ten reforming countries for the last three years… the only country to achieve such progress in a short term. And with that the country has laid a strong foundation for future business growth.”

What business? Arms trafficking and mass murder?

The Conference purports to be a serious meeting to discuss energy matters: “The conference is a key forum for discovering the latest developments in the industry and meeting the major players in the market” (GIOGIE) and an opportunity to “Meet Georgia’s senior government officials and business leaders. Meet with official delegations from Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, UK, USA and other countries”.

However, the real agenda can be seen from the “Draft Discussion Topics”, namely:

Recent developments in Georgia’s oil, gas, energy and infrastructure sectors;

Creating the ‘Corridor Concept’ to reduce perceived transportation risks across the Caspian;

Encouraging Western investment in the development of additional transport routes;

Examining the potential for linking the BTE pipeline to Turkmen and Kazakh gas through the development of the Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline;

Diversifying the supply of natural gas to Western Europe: How the South Caucasus Pipeline will become the principle source of supplying Europe with gas, through the Nabucco, Turkey-Greece and Greece-Italy pipelines;

Connecting the trans- Caspian Gas Pipeline to Nabucco;

The White Stream gas transportation project - Can Caspian gas be delivered to the EU via Ukraine?;

Issuing of licences for exploration and production of Georgia’s own oil and gas reserves.

So the bottom line seems to be isolating Russia, isolating her energy supply, finding alternatives by circumventing Russian energy resources, and using Georgia as a forum. Now as for those who will be present in this conference:

SOCAR, KazTransOil, StatoilHydro, GOGC, Cross Caspian, Seacor Environmental Services, DLA Piper, Global Oil Operating Company, Energy-Pro Georgia, GOGC, Batumi Oil Terminal, KazTransOil, AmCham, BNP Paribas, BP Exploration, Chevron, Fortis Bank, KazMunay Gas, TPAO, USAID, World Bank, Millennium Challenge Georgia (MCG), Platts, RWE Dea AG, Silk Road Group, JSC, Wintershall, Halliburton Eurasia Limited, RWE Gas Midstream Gmbh

Halliburton? Where have we heard that name before?



Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey