Nashi describe US foreign politics as Halloween

More than 20,000 activists of Nashi Movement held an action of protest in front of the US Embassy in Moscow on November 2. It could seem at first sight that the event was held under Halloween traditions. Each activist was holding the traditional Halloween pumpkin heads. As it turned out, the US attributes of Halloween were used as holders for Russian commemoration candles. Nashi activists lit the candles in memory of those who fell victims to the foreign politics of the United States.

Nashi affirm that endless wars that have been rattling the world during the latest decades, the world financial crisis, which bankrupts whole countries, the long-lasting and pompous ceremony of the “democratic election” in the USA are all linked with each other into the never-ending American show. The world has to pay a big price for these festivities: thousands have been murdered, millions and billions of innocent people live in misery, whereas immoral politicians cash in on their grief. Tens of wars have been organized throughout the world, with the latest one of them, the war in South Ossetia, having taken about 2,000 human lives.

Activists of the movement want to attract the attention of the general public to the American show and put a stop to it until it could engulf each and everyone of us.

It seems to be unthinkable to provoke bloody armed conflicts in the modern world for the sake of political games and the ratings of one of the US presidential candidates. However, one may witness it happening before our very eyes. It seems to be impermissible to take liberties in playing games with economy, which doom the world to the financial crisis, although today we lose millions of dollars every day as a result of the thoughtless and cynical economic policy. One may not leave these facts out of attention.

“The USA is insatiable,” the press secretary of Nashi Movement, Kristina Potupchik says. “America is ready for everything to validate its glory. A ten-percent growth of the election rating cost us over 1,500 lives of South Ossetian civilians. Prior to Ossetia, American demons were playing about in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Vietnam, Korea…We urge everyone to understand: the US triumph show will last forever. The lives of everyone of us, the lives of our loved ones can become the price of that. We have a choice: either to see our names on the lists of other American victims or start acting immediately.”

A similar action was held in Belgrade, opposite the demolished building of Serbia’s Defense Ministry. More than a thousand of young Serbs gathered there to set out their protest against the continuation of the American show, for which they paid the price of thousands of their nationals’ lives.

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov