Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Nashi to remind the world of the big American show

Activists of the pro-Kremlin youth organization Nashi (Ours) will gather near the US Embassy in Moscow on November 2. The activists will urge the general public to think about the consequences of the US-led policies.

Nashi will sum up their results of the “Big American Show” near the US Embassy on Halloween. The “show” consists of the USA’s foreign politics, the elections and the world financial crisis.

The world has been living in fear of a big war and the world crisis for several years already, being subjected to the economic, political and military influence of the United States. Halloween is a holiday for America, although for others it may become the day to mourn those who died during “the American Show.” It is considered a tradition to make pumpkin heads on Halloween to scare off the souls of the deceased. Nashi will bring such pumpkins to the Embassy, although the pumpkins will have commemoration candles in them. In addition, each pumpkin will have the name of real people written on them – the names of those who died during the endless American festivity.

Thousands of pumpkins symbolize thousands of victims. Nashi urge everyone to think about the following question: how many other lives will have to be taken to satisfy the hunger of the imperious despot? Everyone, including our loved ones, may find themselves on the sacrifice list of the United States tomorrow. How many other lives will have to be paid for the senseless, inhuman “American show?”

Maria Drokova, the Commissar of the Nashi Movement: “America will have the unforgettable Halloween experience. It will be horrified indeed. On this day America will recollect the names of its every innocent victim. The traditional pumpkin heads will not save America from the anger of the innocent souls. We will turn the Halloween attribute into the symbol of mourning and memory. We will give to understand that the USA will have to pay for everything that it has committed for the sake of the endless political show.”

About 10,000 people are said to participate in the action, a source from the Nashi Movement said.