Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Putin makes screen debut on his 56th birthday

Vladimir Putin presented his first DVD titled “Let’s Learn Judo with Vladimir Putin” on October 7 to celebrate his 56th birthday.

The documentary, the fragments of which were originally presented at the press center of the Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg, is a follow up to the text book on judo, which was released in 12 countries of the world in 2000.

Both the text book and the documentary were created by Putin in cooperation with deputy Vasily Shestakov and professor of the University of Physical Culture and Sports, Aleksey Levitsky.

“The title of the film is tricky because everyone, who is going to watch it, will learn not from your humble servant, but from real leaders: Japanese athletes - the true masters - and Russian world champions, and that’s what is most important,” Putin said during the presentation.

Anatoly Rakhlin, who taught judo to the would-be national leader during his childhood, said that the incumbent prime minister had great perspectives to become a professional athlete due to his combatant character.

Europe’s judo champion Ruslan Gasymov, highly estimated Putin’s skills in the sport. “This is a good old Soviet school. Putin is very precise in his movements,” the athlete said.

After the presentation a reporter asked Putin what he preferred most – mountain skis or judo. “Skiing is a relaxation, but judo is my whole life, I have been doing this since I was 13,” the prime minister replied.

The film consists of four parts. Putin appears in the first part with an opening speech in which he tells of the history of judo. “The name of this sport, “gentle way”, contains a philosophy, an opportunity to achieve something with small but effective efforts,” he says.

“The practice of a fight allows compromises and concessions, but they are possible only if they imply a way to the victory,” Putin adds.

In the second part of the film Putin demonstrates basic grips that have been previously pictured in his book on judo.

“Judo is a sport that came form Japan, but became a global sport. It is a manifestation of contemporary times, the post-globalization and the interpenetration of cultures,” Putin said during the press conference. “The fact that judo has been gaining more popularity in Russia is a good sign,” he added.

“When a child, I was lucky to find myself in the wonderful world of courage, sincerity and nobleness, the world, where human qualities are the highest value. The school of judo teaches lessons of mutual aid and collaboration. Self-reliance, determination, firmness of purpose, patience and respect are highly appreciated there. Judo is a philosophy,” Putin said.

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