Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin: The Great Nationalist

The news in the Western Media has presented the tragic development in South Ossetia as a Russian “assault” on Georgia (since August 8, 2008). The conflict is further described as something abhorrent and a violation of the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. Even though the death of innocent civilians young and old, men, women, and especially children is tragic, the Government of Georgia is responsible for the consequence of its conspiratorial action attacking the legitimate right of people who want to join back with their home base of Russia. It is ironic that Georgia, a nation that was created pursuant to generous arrangements made with the old Soviet Union leaders, would turn around and try to suppress and liquidate people who do not want to be Georgians. Georgia is acting as the doorway to subversive Western interests aimed against the vital interest of Russia.

The current decisive action taken by the Russian Government to protect the sizable number of people sympathetic to their Russian root living in South Ossetia is fully justified. The Georgian Government provoked the incident by moving its troops into South Ossetia last week, and had already started a sort of ethnic cleansing, and were making a kind of clearing for the United States and its Western allies for further dominance and further destabilization of Russia. As a matter of record, the Russian Government and its Foreign Ministry had stated on August 10, 2008 that the recent findings on the ground by Russian troops, who moved in to defend people in South Ossetia, have established with concrete evidence that the troops of the Georgian Government were already involved in genocidal activities of murdering ethnic Russians and supporters of Russian Federation. The Russian Government action is fully supported by its vital interest to avert genocidal murder by Georgian troops, which supersedes any other international law principles or norms dealing with sovereignty or territorial integrity.

It is to be recalled that Georgia was the former constituent of the Soviets before Georgia broke away and was recognized as a separate independent entity in 1993 by Russia. One could make a far more convincing and accurate argument that it was, in fact, the other way that the creation of Georgia and its membership in the United Nations was a violation of the Sovereignty and territorial integrity of the old Soviet Union. Thus, my thesis goes further than just supporting Russia defending minority groups or groups with sentimental attachment to the old Soviet Union within Georgia, but to take back all those hostile states created out of ceded territories of the old Soviet Union now surrounding Russia, and incorporate them back to the new Russia. (Russia seems to be the moral successor state of the old Soviet Union.) Supporters of the old Soviet Union seem to be found in the new splinter states of Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, et cetera.

It was a grave mistake to have allowed such moronic schemes of ceding territories of the old Soviet Union by Mikhail S. Gorbachev and Boris N. Yeltsin helping the disintegration of the old Soviet Union during the period 1985-1991. Every single one of the ceded new states has developed more corrupt and chaotic government than the old bureaucratic corruption of the Soviet Union. Almost all of the governments of such ceded new States are constituted on the basis of narrow family or ethnic relationships. Even worse, such states have become the doorways for foreign hostile States, such as the United States and its surrogates, to surround and enclose Russia in an attempt to destroy it once and for all. At the same time such states’ leaders are inviting foreign interests whose power hegemonic interest is to destabilize and destroy Russia through economic means.

I have held the view that nationalism is a defense against destabilizing forces against established political and cultural structures. Under such threatening situations, it is not individual rights that must be taken into account as the only measuring rod of civilized behavior, but also the survival of the community. How I longed for the coming of a great Ethiopian nationalist leader in the fashion of Vladimir Putin, especially in the last ten years—a time it has became apparent to me that Meles Zenawi and his supporters were the weakest nationalist leaders in all of Ethiopia’s long history. Putin is the savior and protector of the wealth of the Russian People from the predatory scavengers who had started the looting of the great wealth of the Russian People by buying for pittance oil interests, mining interests, factories, et cetera for a fraction of their values. The Russian people ought to be grateful for the great service this modest and incorruptible man has done for his people saving Russia for the future generations of Russians. Without Putin’s halting of the oligarchs from further looting the wealth of Russia, the Russian economy would have been totally controlled by outside ownership by the so called investors from the United States, Britain, South Africa, et cetera.

Gorbachev and Yeltsin were the two criminals who betrayed the people of the then Soviet Union with their immature and jaded view of the West, specially their amateurish and rustic views of the United States. Gorbachev’s book Perestroika [Mikhail S. Gorbachev, Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World, 1991] clearly shows an amateur politician trying to play the role of a statesman. The book is full of cliché, poor understanding of power structure, shameful ignorance about the ways of the United States and its Western allies. The Russian Government should arrest Gorbachev and try him for treason, for failing to protect the vital interests of the People of the Soviet Union.

Soon after the destructive process of the dismantling of the Soviet Union was underway, it was followed with “free for all type” looting of the great wealth of the People of the Soviet Union in the guise of economic reform and introduction of a free enterprise economic system. In reality, the denationalization of the main mining and energy interests, for example, was a process that was manipulated by a handful of corrupt Soviet citizens financed by outsiders (who had in turn accumulated their wealth taking advantage of local conditions around the world through exploitation). Even Harvard participated, without its corporate knowledge, but through its unscrupulous functionaries (in one of its international institutions) in a corrupt scheme that would have transferred the controlling interest in a banking franchise worth billions of dollars to such foreigners.

Putin is often criticized by some “scholars” from famous Universities in the United States and fewer scholars from Britain. The Western media, which is controlled by those same individuals, who were salivating to loot the great wealth of the Russian people had they not been halted in their track by the great foresight and patriotism of Putin, in endless articles and commentaries vilify and condemn Putin on a daily basis for the last seven years. Why is the United Sates, along with its Western allies, still hostile toward Russia (Soviet Union) and is still attempting to destroy Russia? I have not heard or read about any serious hostile activity by Russia toward the United States or the West since the break-up of the old Soviet Union.

Instead, what Putin tried to do was protect the interest of his People against the concerted hostile activities of the United States and its Western allies, who have never stopped even for a moment from their cold-war operations undermining the historic connection between the many diverse people that constituted the old Soviet Union. Russia with its huge territory, almost two times the size of the United States, but half the population of the United States, has the richest deposit of mineral resources and the manpower to exploit and develop such resources. Russia is going to be the richest and greatest super power in the world far exceeding the combined wealth of the United States, Europe, South America and the Middle East. I believe there will never be a greater or wealthier nation than Russia in a century.

Go for it, Putin. You are doing the right thing in protecting the vital interest of the People of Russia. You have done the right thing by standing up for the economic interest of the People of Russia. You have done the right thing by blocking the carpetbaggers from looting the wealth of the People of Russia. Now, move in and take back all the old territories of the Soviet Union, now states, ceded by traitors. That scheme of ceding territories and creating puppet states did not help alleviate any of the political or the economic problems facing the ordinary citizens of such regions. The people of the old Soviet Union, including Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, et cetera have a far better future being integrated with the new Russia; otherwise, ordinary citizens of such ceded territories (now states) will be simply used and abused by the West and their corrupt often dictatorial local surrogates.

Tecola W. Hagos