Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Georgian war crimes I

On the night of 7/8 August, Georgian Armed Forces (backed by the USA) murdered 2.000 civilians in South Ossetia. This treacherous act of mass murder has been totally ignored in the western press and by the US leadership. We therefore present photographic evidence for the benefit of George Bush and Condoleeza Rice. Maybe now they will start mentioning the Georgian war crimes that started this sorry episode.

Mikhail Saakashvili announced a ceasefire on 7th August. While doing so, his armed forces were getting ready to push into South Ossetia, a Republic that should have had a referendum back in 1991, under the Soviet Constitution, upon the secession of Georgia, for its people to vote freely and fairly on autonomy. Georgia did not respect its legal obligation.

Why has the western media not mentioned this, or the war crimes committed on 7/8th August?

Why have George Bush and Condoleeza Rice given their unconditional backing to the war criminal and mass murderer Mikhail Saakashvili? To what extent were the US military advisors envolved in this savage act of murder? How to explain the American English voices heard among the fleeing and panic-stricken defeated military forces once Russia entered the fray?

The photos we present here are proof of what happened. The camera does not lie.

Has the reader seen these photos published elsewhere? Has the reader heard the leaders of the USA refer one single time to these war crimes?

Or has the reader heard George Bush and Condoleeza Rice repeat time and time again the same message, supporting Georgia’s leadership, and tacitly giving their approval to this act of butchery?