Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

South Ossetia Ready to Explode?

After a mortar attack from Georgian forces, women and children were being evacuated from S. Ossetia. On the night of August 1, six persons were killed by shelling coming from the Georgian side. Seven more were wounded. Tbilisi claimed the shelling of South Ossetia's capital, Tskhinvali, and a neighboring village had been “provoked” by the Republic of South Ossetia.

Eduard Kokoity, President of South Ossetia, states that the response of Tskhinvali to Tbilisi’s aggressive actions will be very strong. According to him, South Ossetia "Is forced to respond and protect itself. We reserve the right to attack Georgian towns and we have the facilities to reach them," stressed Kokoity.

Simultaneously, Georgia shut off the water to South Ossetia. In response, South Ossetia declared that "If the water supply to Tskhinvali is not restored by 16.00 on the same day, the government of South Ossetia will not block the actions of youth and public organizations which demand that all irrigation canals passing from Tskhinvali to Georgia should be closed."

There were 280 women and children evacuated. Initially it was estimated that there would be about 500 people. However, it became clear that many of the children have no relatives to look after them in North Ossetia over the Russian border.

Special ambassador Yuri Popov said Russia would defend its citizens living in the conflict zone.

It is reported that so far 300 volunteers from Russia have arrived in South Ossetia in order to fight should it be necessary to defend the country from Georgian aggression. South Ossetia’s President stated that as many as 2,000 volunteers are expected to arrive. But it’s getting serious as the following reports are coming in:

500 Islamic guerilla warriors from Kabardino-Balkaria are ready to go

2000 Cossacks are ready to go

50 Russian Afghan war veterans are ready to go (these will likely train the rest)

Abhazia has also offered to send some of their guerilla fighters and other North Caucasus republics have pledged assistance if war breaks out with Georgia.

President Kokoity referred to earlier Georgian provocations: “Georgia has declared a sniper war on the Republic South Ossetia and again undertook an attempt to unleash a large scale war. The Ukraine and the USA bear responsibility together with Georgia. The Ukraine transmitted to Georgia 40 units of sniper armament, 120 units were transmitted from the USA. Those countries bear responsibility together with Georgia in supporting the pseudo-democratic image of Georgia."

Georgia’s most recent actions have shown the real face of the puppet regime being groomed and incited by the USA Georgia has been getting bolder and bolder in their provocations against South Ossetia. Further past actions within Georgia have also shown the nature of the puppet regime. Opposition leaders are threatened and jailed, the opposition press is closed down or censored and there were many irregularities in the presidential election voting.

The Russian Federation has been undertaking efforts through diplomatic channels and under the auspices of the Joint Force for the Maintenance of the Peace in the zone of conflict to avoid the intensification of military confrontations. Russia is committed to taking steps to finding a mutually acceptable peaceful solution and has declared that the use of force would frustrate all hopes of a resolution of the Georgia-South Ossetia conflict.