Author`s name Alex Naumov

Russian government changes shipbuilding strategy

Having spent years on developing different concepts, programs and strategies this week Russian government decided that the only point preventing national shipbuilding from an economic boom is the lack of another strategy. It turned out that until today USC, created with the enormous efforts of the government, has been working without a strategy, i.e. in vain, as deemed by the officials.

Official representative of USC and general director of the CNII for Shipbuilding Technologies Valery Venkov informed media that the developer of the strategy of the development of USC will be determined by May, 22, 2008. On this day the specially organized tender will get the winner.

If USC had any literate PR managers it would have left this piece of news as unnoticed as possible. Instead Valery Venkov makes a funny statement announcing, as quoted by Rosbalt, that now USC is analyzing the mistakes of the previous years to eliminate these drawbacks and stimulate development of shipbuilding. Of course, the speech was about the notorious state support to the industry in the form of subsidizing banks’ interest, stimulating construction under Russian flag etc. Actually there were nothing else but the phrases the observers know already by heart.

However, even after Sechin said he won’t hurry with replacing Yuri Yarov some media sources insisted that the rumors of replacing him with the head of the recently dismissed federal agency on industry Andrey Dutov are just. Usually such appointments are approved by the government; however, as long USC was not included in the list of strategic companies this appointment can take place at the level of the Federal Property Agency. If so, it will be possible to add the Russian shipbuilding needed just another appointment on the way to prosperity.