United Police States of America grows mad because of strong Russia

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representative of the US Congress held a meeting devoted to forthcoming national elections in Russia. The chairman of the meeting, a well-known Russophobe, Dem. Tom Lantos stated at the session that Russia had practically missed the chance to progress in the future after a thousand years of the absence of democracy.

Mr. Lantos did not find time to give examples of national forms and peculiarities of democracy in Russia over the recent thousand years. However, the U.S. official did not hesitate to find the person who caused all that “mess” in Russia – Vladimir Putin of course.

Tom Lantos used a standard set of clichés to blame the Russian president for all the sins of civilization. He particularly stated that Putin intended to concentrate the power in his hands to set up the authoritarian state. Lantos continued blaming the Russian president for the arrest of oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky, for subduing the voice of opposition and freedom of speech, for Russia’s irresponsible position as far as the Iranian nuclear program is concerned and for putting obstacles on the U.N. resolution on Kosovo’s independence.

To put it in a nutshell, Russia’s economic and political strength is like a thorn in the side of U.S. Democrats. Lantos did not say that Condoleezza Rice regularly meets spokespeople for the Russian opposition during her visits to Moscow. Mr. Lantos is certain that Russia’s current political outlook is based on its natural wealth. “High prices on oil allow Putin to act the way that he wants to act both in Russia and abroad,” the congressman said. US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen supported Lantos and added the list of accusations with “mysterious explosions of apartment buildings in Moscow, the incursion in Chechnya and the refusal to deliver to Britain the individual suspected of poisoning Alexander Litvinenko.

The majority of officials present at the meeting supported the accusations. Congressman Brad Sherman said, though, that the U.S. authorities carry a lot of responsibility for Russia’s actions. “We read lectures to former communists in Moscow saying that it is illegal or least not good to sell their natural gas and ask a market price for it,” the official said.

Brad Sherman mentioned Washington’s policy of double standards too. “We support the territorial integrity when it comes to the Transdniestr region in Moldova and the Abkhaz region in Georgia. However, we support self-determination when it comes to the Kosovo region in Serbia. Some may say that we are inexplicably inconsistent, but I will say that we are highly consistent, taking the anti-Russian stance as far as all these three conflicts are concerned,” the official said. The congressman added that the USA deprives Russia of the right to have any legitimate interests outside its territory, even in the former republics.

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said that Russia has all reasons to be concerned about the USA and the policies that the U.S. administration has been running since the collapse of communism. The congressman exemplified his statement with the Jackson-Vanik amendment, which the USA practices with Russia at the time when it terminated all trade restriction with China. “There are no opposition parties in China. There are no street protests there; there is no freedom of religion. China is one of the biggest disturbers at this point. Nevertheless, we practice restrictions- free commerce with China and keep the Jackson-Vanik amendment with Russia in spite of the fact that Russians work much better than Chinese in all those aspects. We did everything possible to give rise to hostile relations with Russia,” Rohrabacher said.

Nevertheless, all officials attending the above-mentioned meeting agreed that the forthcoming national elections in Russia could not be described as democratic. The USA likes to estimate the events of the future that have not taken place yet, a common trend of the U.S. administration. Such a political analysis is profane because the USA continues to search for its adversaries’ defects in an attempt to conceal the police essence of its own existence.

Vladimir Anokhin

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov