Ten most powerful armies in the world

Italy has 3.2m service men. 34bln dollars allow to maintain 6 submarines, 2 aircraft carriers, 760 aircraft and 586 units of armoured vehicles.

France has the most powerful army in Europe. Military expenditures of the Fifth Republic do nor surpass 43bln dollars and it numbers 28.8m people. The country disposes of Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and 10 submarines. Armoured forces are not quite impressive (423).

India has fifth most powerful army in the world, which comprises 615m military men under a budget worth 50bln dollars, that is less than the US and China. As for a quantity of tanks (6,464) and aircraft (1,905) it follows the US, China and Russia. India also possesses 15 submarines and has nuclear weapon.

The Japanese Self-Defense Forces are not quite numerous (53.6m). Japan has 4 aircraft carriers, but they are equipped only with a helicopter fleet, and 16 submarines. Armoured forces (678) and aviation (1.613) are quite limited. While military budget of the country is quite impressive, 41.6bln dollars.

China has most numerous army, that is 749m service men. It ranks third, as it has second largest armoured forces after Russia (9,150) and second largest submarine fleet after the US (67). The Air Forces comprise 2.869 units. Budget worth 216bln dollars allows to constantly upgrade military equipment.

The Russian Armed Forces with 69.1m service men possesses the most powerful tank park (15,398), second biggest park of aircraft (3,429) and third biggest submarine fleet (55). Military expenditures of Russia have increased almost threefold since 2008 and are probably to rise by 44% in the nearest 3 years. Today the military budget makes up 84.5bln dollars.

Great Britain is the second military power in Europe. There are 29.2m military men, 936 aircraft, 407 armoured vehicles and 10 submarines. It's no surprise that military expenditures make up 60.5bln dollars. Beside that, they plan to engage one more aircraft carrier.

The Turkish army has no aircraft carriers, and it does not prevent it from being at the rear of ten most powerful armies of the world. There are only 13 submarines, but 3,778 tanks and 1,020 aircraft. Equipment and 41.6m service men consume 18.2bln dollars.

Moving to the Far East. The US satellite which provokes its northern neighbour quite often, namely South Korea has an extensive military budget as for a small country, 62.3bln dollars. That allows to maintain 25.6m service men, 2,381 units of armoured vehicles, 1,412 aircraft and 13 submarines.

The US spends most of all money for the army of 145m service men, that is 601m dollars. Despite constant reduction, this sum exceeds expenditures on defence of nine following countries combined. The US Navy has 10 aircraft carriers and 72 submarines. The largest nuclear arsenal. The Air Forces have 13.892 units, armoured vehicles make up 8.848 units.