Nostradamus prophecies for 2016 coming true

French seer Michel Nostradamus predicted that by 2016, there would be numerous disasters in the Middle East. Planes will fall from the sky in bright flashes of light. Most likely, the prophecy is about the conflict of the Air Force of Turkey and Syria 

Nostradamus mentioned Russia's standoff with its near and far allies. The conflict with Ukraine and the USA? The seer believed that there would be nuclear weapons used in the war. 

Nostradamus was right when he spoke about the reign of the Third Reich and about the assassination of US President John Kennedy. In 2016, the elections in the USA will show whether another of his prophecies becomes real: Obama will become America's last president.

Nostradamus believed that the standoff between the world's strongest powers in the Year of the Monkey, "northern guests" (Russia and USA?) may lead to disasters associated with the division of natural resources. 

The prophet predicted that the year 2016 would be tough because of the unrest in the East. This prophecy reflects the conflict in Syria and the influx of refugees from the Middle East to Europe. 

The French seer spoke about unusual signals from space at the time when man was unable to study space. Nowadays, many of his prophecies have been materialized in the work of outstanding contemporary scientist Stephen Hawking. 

In late 2016, Nostradamus predicted global floods.

In the 16th century, Michel de Nostradam could hardly believe that his prophecies would be coming true from one generation to another. 

According to Nostradamus, WWIII will start in Israel. The war will start because of the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs. 

Nostradamus predicted the appearance of such a problem as global warming five centuries ago 

Nostradamus predicted the tragedy of 9/11 attacks in the USA that led to the invasion of the USA in Iraq. The seer believed that it would continue even 13 years later.