Russia's most lethal weapons named

P-800 Oniks/BrahMos anti-ship missile:

Originally developed by the Soviet Union, the P-800 is a supersonic anti-ship missile that was later jointly developed into the Indian-Russian BrahMos. The weapon can launch from ships, submarines, aircraft and from land. It has a range of about 300 km (or roughly 186 miles)-which means it far out-ranges the U.S. Navy Harpoon anti-ship missile.


Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E:

The Sukhoi Su-35 Flanker-E is the by far the best operational fighter aircraft Russia has produced to date. An advanced derivative of the original Soviet-era Su-27, the new Flanker variant is high flying, fast and carries an enormous payload. That, combined with its advanced suite of avionics, makes the Su-35 an extremely dangerous foe to any U.S. fighter, with the exception of the stealthy Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.


Type 53-65 wake-homing torpedo: Wake-homing torpedoes have sensors that track the churn in the water as a ship passes through and homes in on the turbulence following a snake-like pattern. Russia has exported wake-homing torpedoes. China is known to have bought some, but it not clear how many other countries have purchased such weapons.

The Russian T-90 main battle tank is the most advanced current Russian armored vehicle until the Armata series enters service. Though the designation is new, the tank is at its core a very heavily upgraded Soviet-era T-72. The Russian Army has almost a thousand T-90s

Amur-class submarine: Diesel-electric boats-though they lack the endurance of a nuclear-powered vessel-are extremely quiet and pose an extremely dangerous threat to surface warships. The Russian Kilo-class and its newer Amur-class successor are far quieter and far more capable than the Chinese boat.

Even with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and heightened tensions, it is very unlikely that the United States will ever directly face off against Russia. A shooting war with Russia would almost certain end poorly for all concerned, the article in The National Interest said

Первое место занимает реактивный многоцелевой истребитель "Су-35". Самолет представляет собой модернизированную версию советского "Су-27", крайне быстр, может подниматься на большие высоты и имеет огромную боевую нагрузку. Одно из главных достоинств российского истребителя заключается в сочетании расширенных возможностей перехвата высотных целей с молниеносной скоростью и уникальным двигателем с повышенной тягой.