Ten years of Pravda.ru. The Party

Pravda.ru celebrated its tenth anniversary in Restaurant Turandot in the center of Moscow. 250 guests attended the party

In everyday competitive rush there was no time to think about it. It came to mind only on the eve of our tenth anniversary that not only does Pravda.Ru appear to be the first Russian Internet newspaper, but it also takes very strong positions among world’s news sources.

It seems that we were the first to create the professional team to spread news and information around the web

On the photo: Chairman of Board of Directors of Pravda.ru Vadim Gorshenin

At that time there were websites, which were republishing news and articles from offline media sources, but there were no online newspapers.

Pravda.ru also became a pioneer in many other fields.

We were the first to launch the online internet newspaper in English which became very popular and still enjoys immense popularity

On the photo: General Director Inna Nvikova and Marina Yudenich, the manager of PolitOnline project

English.Pravda.Ru is not the English version of the Russian Pravda.Ru. It is a separate online project which works under the same brand.

We also developed the English forum, which has become very popular now

The thing we are extremely proud of is that we have managed to achieve such a level without any investments from the outside

We didn’t have any holdings, banks and political powers to support us.

Today Pravda.Ru media holding consists of more than 25 different media sources with more than 100 employees.

It is a story of our little success. There are plenty of examples of much bigger success around, but the story of Pravda.Ru’s success is much more obvious – it is the success of our coworkers, our readers and our holding in general.

There are some more things that make us different from other media sources.

First of all, unlike many online projects, we have ‘roots’. Pravda.Ru was launched with the help of the old-timers of the print version of Pravda. Even today we maintain good relations with them.

Our partnership relations with other Russian media sources helped us reach about 80 percent of the Russian-speaking web audience

We never changed the state political line despite many difficulties and contradictions

Today our HR managers receive countless emails with CVs from people who are eager to work at our company

We would like to believe that a note of work experience at Pravda.Ru in a resume becomes a slight, albeit an important quality mark in professional journalism

And finally I would like to say that the Reader, our Reader, remains the central figure of our entire work

Pravda.Ru holding enjoys about five million readers today, which is obviously a considerable number

I hope that in the nearest future our audience will become larger and our readers will help us conquer many new heights

On our tenth anniversary we are open to receive not only your congratulations but recommendations too

Inna Novikova and Vadim Gorshenin