Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

G8: Putin arrives in Germany

President of the Russian Federation in Heiligendamm, Germany, for the 8th G8 Summit between 6th and 8th June. Insolence from Bush on the eve of the summit answered by Moscow’s desire to foster improved bilateral relations.

On the agenda are questions relating to climate change, Darfur, development aid to Africa and Iran’s nuclear programme. However, as has been the case many times, Washington has raised the stakes before the event by threatening to install a Missile Defense Shield on Russia’s doorstep and by its President, George Bush, making insolent remarks on the eve of the conference.

George Bush: Insolence and interference

In his speech in Prague at a right-wing rally on June 5th, George Bush spoke (as usual) of democracy, yet he forgot to mention the situation in Iraq, where the Government installed with his nod has already defined rules under which Iraqi men are allowed to beat their wives if they “misbehave”, he forgot to mention the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused directly or indirectly by the actions of his government, he forgot to mention the many cases of abuse and torture, he forgot to mention the concentration camp in Guantanamo, he forgot to mention that legislators within and outside Iraq are calling for an immediate withdrawal of the invader. Now.

Therefore, with what authority does George Bush speak about democracy?

Thursday: Missile Defense Shield discussed

Tomorrow, the two Presidents will discuss the question of the anti-missile shield. During the meeting, according to sources in the Russian Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Putin will explain Russia’s position clearly and will expect to receive explanations from his North American counterpart. However, Moscow also expects to foster an improvement in bilateral relations, according to declarations from Presidential Aide, Sergei Prikhodko.