O Justice, Justice! Wherefore art thou, Justice?

Is there really a sense of justice? Does justice have a sense? Can we sense injustice?

Can we make sense of justice? Do laws make up justice? Should justice be moral? Should justice be vengeful? Should justice be exemplary?

People of all classes of societies would have strong diverging views on these questions, and for that reason, injustice is found to be lurking almost everywhere. We would have thought it likely that by now the powers of justice might have saturated the fibers of society, but perhaps God has decided to keep justice as his exclusive domain, till our societies grow up sufficiently to accept justice as part of their predestined heritage.

Surprisingly however, through the miracles provided by oversimplification, we have succeeded in isolating some elements of justice whose presence has contributed considerably in tipping the scale of justice to the positive side. In simple terms, Justice must be objective and never personal. It should be applied evenly and unsparingly as one would apply a coat of paint, and its application must take whatever time may be needed to cover all flaws.

Justice does not always triumph, and in fact in the minds of opposing parties involved in justice proceedings, justice is most often considered to have failed by half of the people concerned. Justice is not likely to ever become an absolute, but if it did, that fact would become self-evident, as all Supreme Court decisions would then necessarily be unanimous.

Occurrences of individual injustices, painful as they can be to innocent victims, pale into insignificance however when compared to the appalling injustices that have been perpetrated historically on massive segments of the many societies of the world, and continue to desecrate our moral fibers today.

Dominant among these is the "Plight" of Women, a word that has long been linked to women in the universal game of word association. Following our in-depth cursory study of all significant factors relative to this issue, we have concluded that nature, is the prime cause for most problems besetting women.

The Gene Creator of the universe, whom we all recognize as the creator of nature as well as the universe, had devised a master plan for human kind, which was based on people of the female gender being given the power of propagating human generations, and the responsibility of caring for them individually in their formative years.

To aid in accomplishing these tasks the creator had provided the female with a superior intellect, and had designed a male companion giving him a fleeting role in procreation and assigning him the responsibility of protecting the female, and providing her and their offspring's with necessities for human survival. It was not believed that these male tasks required an inordinate amount of intelligence and the male was therefore conceived accordingly, but was given considerably more corpulence to better carry out his assigned duties.

Thus began the world's most lasting injustice, pinning the mainly physical half of the world's population against the generally intellectual half. Unable to understand or accept his destiny, and unresponsive to anything but physical values, the males undertook to employ their physical attributes in competitive clashes among themselves, and females became the original collateral casualties of all times.

Even today ancient societies fail to provide equal status for women and this is amply illustrated by practices within the two main religions of the world, which are dominated by pretentious male egocentrics who cannot accept that their given attributes, from their God, their right to rule and command, are due exclusively to their physical strength as a society group, and in no way reflects particularly noteworthy intellectual or spiritual values.

Outright slavery, ranks second as a world class mass injustice, and given the self evident great accomplishments of African descendants living today in modern societies, it is clear that, there as well, brute force was again the medium through which that injustice was blatantly perpetrated.

There is a pattern emerging which appears to indicate that injustice and superior force are close allies, a conclusion which is amply demonstrated in most areas where circumstances point to a need for justice.

Are wars ever just? During WWII it is estimated that over 60 million human lives were taken of which close to half were Soviet. Were these casualties fully justified by pseudo-Aryan pride and Japanese territorial ambitions?In bothcases years of preparation had contributed to Germany and Japan believing in their own invincibility. The madness of power and injustice had prevailed.

The current conflict in Iraq is a model of injustice. Led by an intellectually strained President whom nature unjustly deprived of integrity, the world's most dominant nation attacked a small country 8000 miles away from their shores, masking their true intentions of establishing their control over one of the world's oil rich geographies.

Though overtly intent on displacing a malevolent dictator, they saturated the country with violence, destroyed civilian infrastructures, and caused the death of over 50,000 people, few of which were military.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, hordes of invaders were allowed to stream unharmed into their country, and the population's job providing sector was allowed to seep out to other countries so that corporations could be more generous to their shareholders.

G. W. Bush, an errant accident of nature, does not appear to have ever applied the scales of justice to any of his decisions and he will emerge in history as one of the most flagrant abusers of justice to have ever marred this earth.

Perhaps little can be more revolting than a crooked judge, or prosecutor, the expected level of integrity related to those responsibilities defying gravity. A country's top law enforcer should be expected to effectively maintain a standard of integrity even beyond theirs, but no one appears to have informed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales of these basic requirements. Enough is being said currently concerning his woes, but if anyone wishes to go beyond current news, a reading of Wikipedia's article "Alberto Gonzales" paragraph "War on terror" would confirm their darkest apprehensions.

The cold war is also a case in point. It may be argued that the US, in view of their strong economy, was stronger militarily than the Soviet Union, but since each had attained a saturation point as to their potential for the extinction of the human race, peace and justice prevailed, and a tolerant friendship ensued. There was not the margin of superiority on either side needed to justify undertaking an unjust war adventure.

Deceit and injustice are partners in crime and are not always self-evident but often raise questions:

Do G.W. Bush and fellow conspirators have a covert agenda in support of a dominant class, while attempting to subjugate the working class?

Was the Iraq war partly the result of a needed re-tooling of the U.S. military apparatus?

Was Tony Blair aware of the nuclear device story fabrication from the outset?

Did the Iraq war spending result in the largest graft fraud of all times?

Was justice respected when the prosecutorial powers in the Hussein trial removed the trial judge as being too accommodating to the defendant?

Were the sacred scriptures of Islam really the words of the great prophet Mohammad, though unwritten till 200 years following his passing?

Should steroid pumping athletes not be sued for damages by honest athletes who have been unjustly deprived of their rightful monetary rewards?

Did G.W. Bush ever consider taking his troops out of Iraq or was his real intent always to station an army in this oil rich area indefinitely?

These possibilities are but a few examples of where deceit may lie, there are many more, and they illustrate that most deceits and injustices are created by perpetrators who enjoy a position of strength and responsibility, factors which provide irresistible temptations to demagogues wrongdoers, and criminals.

The greater mass injustices of our present times, are easily identified and it is clear that the oppressed are the meek and vulnerable. It is also clear that the world powers who have claimed to represent decency, have never taken action against oppressors till a considerable amount of blood had flowed in the streets, as can attest Kosovo, Rwanda and Darfur. If, as we surmise, injustices in the form of sectarian or racial murders and genocide require that one side be militarily dominant, then let the so called power brokers of peace at a very early stage prove their all-out military support for the weaker side and thereby create a power balance in the area and possibly prevent a calamity before it even begins.

Paul Forest
[email protected]

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov