Iran: Western hysteria

The demonology surrounding Teheran began when Washington's hated stooge, the Shah, fell from power

Washington adores to live on the knife's edge, inventing conspiracy theories and lies and then putting into practice what can only be described as a murderous foreign policy, supporting coups placing fascist dictatorships in office and more recently removing Saddam Hussein, who was alleged to have WMD which posed an immediate threat to Washington and her allies.

The Iraq policy began with 9/11, with which Saddam Hussein had no engagement whatsoever and ended with one hundred thousand civilians slaughtered and Washington taking control of Iraq's oilfields, doubtless already engineered long before September 11th.

Iran, named as one of the members of the axis of evil by the intellectually challenged President of the United States, whose black-and-white, tunneled vision of the world is only too famous, is now targeted by Washington and the hype machine as the new pariah in the international community.

However, unlike Washington, Iran has not invaded a sovereign nation based on lies and unlike President Bush, President Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad has not committed an act of wanton mass murder neither have his troops perpetrated acts of torture and sexual depravity on a scale unseen outside Hollywood.

Iran has a nuclear power programme for peaceful means and Moscow has guaranteed this. Moreover, nuclear waste from the Bushehr plant, in which Russia is Iran's partner, is to be shipped back to Russia under the bilateral agreements. One could say that the aggressive stance taken against Iran is an insult to the Kremlin.

Sirius Nasseri, a member of Iran's negotiating team with the EU troika, commented on the IAEA statement: "The issue at hand was simple: Iran has commenced operation at a safeguarded facility to produce feed for nuclear fuel under full scope monitoring of the IAEA."

Exactly. What Iran has done is in full compliance of international law. There is no issue to take up because none exists. Just as Iraq never had any WMD, Iran is not producing nuclear weapons. Can Washington say that the Bush regime's foreign policy has been in compliance with international law? And furthermore, the anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki speak volumes about this country's nuclear record.

Is there to be another 9/11 to justify a war against Iran? Is a US passenger airliner to be shot down over Teheran, just as an Iranian passenger aircraft was targeted and destroyed by US military forces in the 1980s in the Persian Gulf?

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Author`s name Olga Savka