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Internet subliminal messages at the service of international pedophilia

On January 28, 2003, amid the furor of the impending war with Iraq the British press briefly reported on Operation Ore, the most thorough and comprehensive police investigation of crimes against children before being squashed by the Blair government. Besides implicating Rock guitarist Peter Townsend of The Who, the report claimed that senior members of Tony Blair's government were being investigated for pedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography. With the investigation reaching to senior members of his Government, Blair declared a news blackout on the story.

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Moreover, the British report was not the first such case reported. In fact, it followed on the heels of a report from Portugal. On November 27, 2002, the press reported a scandal of pedophile ring run from a state orphanage. The Guardian reported that the scandal threatened to engulf diplomats, media personalities and senior politicians. Photographs of senior government officials with young boys from Lisbon's Casa Pia orphanage were among the evidence. More shocking however, were the revelations that systematic sexual abuse of children at the home had allegedly been going on for more than 20 years and had been known to police and other authorities for most of that time.

In Belgium, Marc Dutroux was convicted in 2004 for pedophilia and serial killing. The case was quickly closed because the Royal Court and top officials were all meddled in the affair.

After multiple affairs in France, the most famous was the seven young girls who disappeared from the Social Services center in Lyonne. A pedophile ring organized for high government officials led this affair. For two decades, the affair was covered-up. The principal investigator who led the investigation was Mr. Jambert who was found dead. Officially, he committed suicide.

What sort of similar affairs have we known here in the U.S.A.? We are all a bit aware of the Franklin Cover-Up (book written by Senator John DeCamp) and Cathy O'Brien's book: Trance Formation of America.

On January 14, 2002, Insight Magazine reported the charges leveled by Ben Johnson against his employer Dyncorp, a major defense contractor. Johnson charged that officials and employees of Dyncorp were engaging in perverse, illegal and inhumane behavior and were purchasing illegal weapons, women, forged passports and participating in other immoral acts. Johnson had witnessed his supervisors and fellow employees buying 12 to 15-year-olds as sex slaves.

However, in the spotlight today we have a new affair, the Despotovic family, which hasn't yet been covered by national media. It involves subliminal messages, which are being used on the Internet. Mr. Despotovic, a blind father, along with his son protested by the White House for over three months. Their request was simple: Mr. Despotovic was asking that his daughter Corinne be returned. Corinne has French nationality. She was kidnapped from the Wal-Mart parking lot in Greenwood, South Carolina. Corinne had been targeted since the age of 11 by the CIA led pedophile rings.

Her father has made available a lot of documents and pictures to prove his claims. He states, "I was born in Yugoslavia and in 1982, for political reasons I came to the United States. My wife is French as well as my two eldest daughters. My other four children were born here in the U.S. For more than 20 years now, I have been fighting to protect my family. I have placed enough documents, police reports, and pictures on our website and". He continues with "I would sure appreciate it our websites could be published in American media. We're not looking for personal popularity and we don't have any financial interests in it, but it is only to save thousands and thousands of young girls and boys from subliminal messages on their computers. These subliminal messages are new, not so popular, and almost impossible to prove. The future will prove that I was right, but until then thousands and thousands of other girls and boys will end up in sex slave rings. Our work is to inform others around us as much as possible."

Could it be coincidence that Mr. Despotovic was never even acknowledged during his three month protest by the White House with an 11 foot cross? What is the American government trying to conceal?

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