Saddam sentence: Justice or travesty?

How any Christian, or follower of any main religion, can rejoice at a death sentence being passed, defies logic. The decision to murder Saddam Hussein by hanging is the latest in a string of actions which have flouted international law in recent years.

So, Saddam Hussein is to be hanged for signing the death warrants of 148 rebels, would-be murderers, in Dujail in 1982. Yet George Bush signed the death warrants of 152 people as Governor of Texas. Is he to be hanged for that?

Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait because this country was cross-drilling, stealing Iraq’s oil. The United States of America invaded Iraq without any pretext whatsoever except barefaced, blatant lies, slaughtering civilians, destroying infrastructures with military hardware, breaking the UN Charter, breaking the Geneva Conventions, committing acts of mass and wanton murder. Is George Bush to be hanged for that?

Torture was committed in Iraqi prisons under Saddam Hussein’s regime. Torture was committed in Iraq under the US-puppet regime and perpetrated by US personnel, of which Bush is commander-in-chief. Is Bush to be hanged for that?

If there was no legality for removing Saddam Hussein from power under international law, where is the legality of this so-called court which sentences him to death? And under what jurisdiction does this court operate?

Any Christian will know that it is God’s right to give or take life, not Man’s and the fundamental law of Christianity is to protect the gift of life. Therefore how the White House can react with the adjective “good” in reaction to the news, just about sums up the Satanic nature of those who purport to being Bush-supporting Christians in the United States of America today. In short, they are closer to Satan.

The entire Iraq war was a travesty of justice, based on lies, greed and arrogance. If Saddam Hussein’s appeal does not result, History will be his judge. Curiously enough, instead of being judged for his own crimes, History will judge him in comparison with those of Bush, which are far worse.

If Saddam Hussein is to be hanged for his actions, then so should George Bush. Whatever happens, Saddam Hussein, dead or alive, has the last laugh. He knows that he ultimately defeated George Bush, that he was the cause of George Bush’s downfall, that he caused George Bush to turn against his Christian values and support capital punishment, the antithesis of Christianity, he knows that Saddam Hussein will write the annals of history about George Bush. For George Bush will be remembered for Iraq and like it or not, Saddam Hussein and Iraq are intrinsically linked.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey