Muscovites ready with open arms

The people of Moscow are ready to give the world a Russian welcome

The welcoming open arms of the Russian people and the warmth of the Russian heart are ready to receive the international community with that special, unforgettable Russian embrace.

The Russian Federation has striven to make economic and social progress over the last decades and has passed in the eyes of millions from posing a potential threat to being the epitome of good neighbourly relations, standing up for the rule of law and the use of diplomacy in solving international crises.

The Russian Federation has built a unique  concept around the Olympic River, providing a safe, effective and economic means of transportation to and from venues, all of which are inside the city of Moscow, two-thirds of which are already built.

Moscow provides the cheapest, safest and best-prepared venue and Russia is the only country among the five candidates not to have been awarded a major sporting event in the last twenty-five years.

The people of Moscow are excited and honoured to be considered for this greatest of accolades, paramount to recognition by the international community that Russia has taken enormous strides over recent years, presenting herself as a dear friend to the members of the international community, which Moscow treats and regards with a spirit of brotherliness, friendship and equality.

This is the true Olympic spirit expected of those who compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games and demanded from those who organise them.

To note, Moscow has systematically included the Paralympic Games in all of its publicity campaigns and has never relegated these to the status of a secondary event.

To note, Moscow has satisfied each and every requisite presented by the International Olympic Committee.

To note, Moscow is ready, Moscow is waiting with an exhilarating proposal to open up this gateway to the east, this turntable between Asia and Europe, this unique opportunity to bring the whole world together, not just concentrating on the Old and New Continents but on the international community as a whole, which Moscow so ably represents.

MOSCOW 2012. The safest, the cheapest, the best prepared venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Author`s name Olga Savka